Thanking The Defeated Candidates

THE SPECIAL SENATORIAL race has ended with some of the defeated candidates conceding defeat while others are complaining of alleged cheating or electoral malpractices. For counties which have completed the tallying process it has now become clear that ten new candidates are now certain to take over as Senators following results from various polling places across the country.

RECENTLY, IT WAS Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf who publicly conceded defeat to Mr. George Weah while the counting process is still ongoing. We are getting information from other counties that some defeated candidates are also following the example of Mr. Sirleaf who has since congratulated his opponent, Weah who emerged victorious in the Montserrado Senatorial race.

WE ARE YET to hear from Senate Pro-tempore, Gbehnzohngar Findley on the outcome of the Grand Bassa County Senatorial Election but we are convinced that the Honorable Pro-tempore will do the right thing as all of the polling places in the county have sent in their results.

HOWEVER, WE WANT to use this occasion to thank the defeated candidates for the level of maturity and courage being exhibited by them following the conduct of the Special Senatorial Election. Our thanks go especially to Mr. Sirleaf who has gone publicly to concede defeat and further congratulating the winner of the Montserrado election.

THIS IS A sign of maturity and quality of good leadership. Let such trend continue in our democratic process if Liberia is to be considered as a nation that is promoting the democratic process among other nations of the world. We also hail all of those who contested in the just-ended election for playing their parts in the process.

ON THE OTHER hand, we encourage those who have qualm with the results of the election to do the appropriate thing by making use of the legal process instead of taking the path of violence in addressing their grievances.

WE KNOW THAT in elections not everyone will be satisfied with the results especially so when the race is highly contested but in all fairness let those who are aggrieved channel their dissatisfaction through the National Elections Commission (NEC) or the court which is the final arbiter of justice in the country.

AS THE ELECTION went well, let the end of it end in the same manner by using the peaceful means in resolving any situation we have with the electoral process especially during the counting process.

AGAIN, WE HAIL the defeated candidates for exhibiting a high level of maturity and good leadership by conceding defeat and even congratulating some of their bitter rivals during the electoral process. We also call on those who have qualm with the process to take the matter to the NEC or the Supreme Court and do away with any act of violence as reported in Bomi County.