Public Works Commences Rehabilitation Work At Timbo Bridge

By Edwin G. Wandah (From Timbo Bridge, Rivercess County)

The Ministry of Public Works on Friday, December 19, 2014, began urgent rehabilitation works on the Timbo Bridge which connects Grand Bassa County with Rivercess County.

Speaking to this paper on Friday at the bridge, the chief engineer from the Ministry of Public Works, Clarence Frederick said that the Timbo Bridge, built in 1978; had outlived its utility purpose as most of the metals and concrete used have been damaged.

He said, if nothing is done to immediately erect a new bridge, Rivercess, Sinoe and other counties beyond stand the risk of being cut off.

For their parts, the Chinese Engineers working on the bridge told the Inquirer that they were urgently working to allow free flow of traffic for those traveling. They said the situation last week created serious embarrassment to pedestrians and business people.

Meanwhile, some of those travelers last week were seen being held for almost three days, sleeping in the open to allow the engineers expedite work. “This is unacceptable, we have been here days now without crossing; our goods have spoilt and we cannot get out of this place; we don’t know what is happening and we only hope that this situation would get better,” Bobby stated.

However, emergency repair on the bridge (Timbo River) was completed late Friday evening to allow citizens and business people, including residents traveling to Rivercess, Sinoe and other areas move freely.

According to eyewitnesses, a commercial truck traveling from Monrovia via Grand Bassa County towards Rivercess plied the bridge and damaged a segment of the bridge on December 11, 2014.