Gov’t Signs Fish Town-Harper Road Project

Gov’t Signs Fish Town-Harper Road Project

By Garmonyou Wilson

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works recently signed a civil works contract with the Chinese based construction company, China Railway No.5 for the US$ 42 million dollar construction of the asphalt concrete road from Harper to Karloken and the maintenance of Karloken to Fish Town.

Speaking at the signing ceremony at the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) in Monrovia, the Minister of Public Works, William Moore, said when the road is completed it will enable Liberians to drive into neighboring Ivory Coast and for the Ivorian neighbors to do likewise.

Public Works Minister Moore acknowledged that the preparations for the contract were made possible by Kofi Woods and Antoinette Weeks, two former Ministers of Public Works and added that China has been a good partner to Liberia and as Minister he would ensure that, that relationship continues and ensure that integrity be first when awarding contracts and work be done with quality.

A representative for China Railway No.5, HaoTingkui said that 40% of the equipment that would be used to conduct the project is already in Bong Mines and that the company has done work in China with quality and it’s that same quality they would bring to the Liberian project.

The company’s representative said that the company would stick to the plan laid out by the Ministry of Public Works and that the protection of the environment would be their priority.

The Fish Town to Harper road project was made possible through a loan by the African Development Bank (ADB). According to a representative from the bank, Prince Tambah, said that the bank knows that the distance of the road poses a challenge, however the bank wants the Chinese company to adhere to the plans that were designed.

Also speaking at the signing ceremony the MPW Deputy Minister for Technical Services, Claude Langley emphasized how the Ministry is putting seriousness in assuring that safety issues are adhered to.