Fire Renders Several Homeless

Fire has rendered over one hundred persons homeless in the Popo Beach area of New Kru Town when an attempt to fuel the engine of a fishing canoe resulted in the burning of about twenty houses in the area.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to the INQUIRER, the incident occurred Monday afternoon when a fisherman identified as Hayes brought a gallon of gasoline to fuel the engine of his fishing boat.

The eyewitness said unexpectedly; the gasoline ignited a nearby fire thus leading to the heavy breeze spreading the fire to nearby houses along the beach.

“The fire was so heavy that it quickly spread to numerous houses in the area. Although nobody died, the fire destroyed over thousands of dollars’ worth of properties and did make several individuals who are members of the fishing community in the area homeless,” the eyewitness accounted.

This is not the first time that fire has destroyed houses in that community as this continues to happen each year apparently due to the number of corrugated zinc shacks built in the community

The INQUIRER has learnt that Mr. Hayes whose mistake started the fire last Monday is currently on the run for fear of being arrested and prosecuted.

Currently over hundred persons have been made homeless in the area and an elderly woman who was also affected said, “ We are appealing to the President of Liberia, the Red cross and other humanitarian groups to come to our aid because we have lost everything as a result of this fire disaster.”