Cllr. Oswald Natu Tweh: You Are A Pride, Not Only To New Kru Town, But This Nation

Normally, I do not extend greetings to friends, relatives and acquaintances in the media. I usually do this perhaps through phone calls, or visitations. But today I decided to go public on this birthday of one of the sons of the Borough of New Kru Town, Cllr. Oswald NatuTweh, for continuously projecting a positive image of the Borough. I decided on this because of how the area over the years and sometimes presently is perceived, as if nothing good had come from that place.

In all fairness, many times when the Borough of Kru Town and West Point are mentioned, they are always associated with negative or unbecoming behavior, thereby stigmatizing the place like a crime-breeding terrain, failing to realize that the areas have produced many persons, many of whom are doing well in the public and private sectors.

One of such person from the Municipal Borough is Cllr. Tweh, a man who many years ago found him residing in an area in the Borough which was a focal point of entertainment, just to mention Richard Bar and Plaze Cinema. However, the presence of the structures did not dampen his resolve of this young and determined man who took his education seriously, bearing in mind that this was necessary to face future challenges.

Even though I am older than this counselor, this is not just about age, but one’s achievements and accomplishments in life. Indeed, he is one of those young persons from the Borough that I continue to admire because of his role in society and also as a member of the United Methodist Church, where he is serving in many capacities.

As I reflect on what I know about this son of the borough, I still remember that while attending the St. Mary’s Elementary School in Duala in the morning; he also attended the New Kru Town Elementary School in the afternoon, where his mother was then serving as a matron. When I was also a student at that same institution, one of my teachers, the late Oral Krangar, also took some of her children to our class to keep them busy. I remember one of her sons, Tee-bell and her daughter, Mamie.

Howbeit, this piece is not really intended to delve into all of his educational achievements as a valedictorian for the graduating class of Sinoe High School during the historic year of 1979, when Liberia hosted the Summit of the former Organization of African Unity (OAU), now the African Union, in Virginia, outside Monrovia., and also as a graduate from the then Cuttington University College where he graduated with Cum Laude.

More noticeably, I am proud of this young man and I do know that there are others from the borough like senior brother Prof Wilson Tarpeh, who would give similar encomium for him for his many accolades in the past few years.

But more noticeably, what really inspired me on this day to reflect on some of his activities relates to his election on the Judiciary Council of the Methodist Church worldwide. It can be recalled that at the 2012 General Conference of the United Methodist Church, held in Tampa, Florida, United States of America, he was elected to the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church.

As the title dictates, the Judicial Council is the organization of the United Methodist Church that decides legal questions within the United Methodist Church – it is referred to by United Methodists as the “Supreme Court” of the United Methodist Church. It is composed of nine members. Two years later, at the October 2014 meeting of the Judicial Council, he was elected Vice President of the Judicial Council.

With this, one can logically deduce that the preferment of Cllr. Tweh, former Assistant Professor of Law at the Louise Arthur Grimes School of Law where he graduated with honors, was based on his performance upon his election to the Council.

Although he was locally honored during an elaborate occasion headed by his church brother commonly known as Junior Randall at the fraternal house up Benson Street, of which, just to name one; he is a Master Mason and a member of the Order of Eastern Star.

On this day, December 23, as you observe or celebrate this day, my only gift to you is this eulogy, which many time people feel can only be done during one’s death. No! The right time is when the person is alive to smell the flagrance of his flowers or words of praises, so that others would emulate the honoree’s good examples.

Yes, there can be no doubt that good things do come from New Kru Town, commonly referred to as “Sargon.“ As I close this, let me say that I am not prepared to disclose the age of this celebrant, as the lawyers would say, it is not in my “purview” to do so. But I know that today is the Counsellor’s day because I was very close to that family in that two of my former classmates-Wilmot Wayne and Sarah Wayne made me more acquainted with that family.

Again, as the headline suggests, Cllr. Tweh, as the first Liberian to be elected to that Council and later elevated, is a pride, not only to the people of New Kru Town, but the Republic of Liberia, as such could have been given to another person from another African country as it had been.