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Warning The Two Candidates Against Violence

IN RECENT TIMES there have been violent confrontations between rival political parties and candidates in the ensuing Special Senatorial Election slated for tomorrow, December 20, 2014.

THE CONFUSION IS mainly between supporters of the main opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and Mr. Robert Sirleaf an Independent Candidate who is also the son of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

SINCE THE OPENING of campaign for the Special Senatorial Election there have been claims and counterclaims of electoral malpractices between the CDC and the Sirleaf campaign team. CDC campaign team headed by Mr. Mulbah Morlu has continuously accused the Robert Sirleaf camp of buying voters’ registration cards and other electoral malpractices. On the other hand, the Sirleaf camp has also accused the CDC of tearing down posters of Mr. Robert Sirleaf and other ugly vices.

THE LATEST VIOLENCE erupted on Wednesday when supporters of the CDC and those of Mr. Robert Sirleaf clashed around the Rally Town Market something that resulted to some supporters of both parties sustaining injuries.

THE CONTINUOUS TENSION between the supporters of CDC and Mr. Rob Sirleaf’s camp has caused most of the voters to live in perpetual fear and uneasiness especially in Montserrado County.

LIBERIANS ARE NOW wondering as to what is really precipitating or fermenting the continuous commotion between Mr. Sirleaf and the CDC when in fact there are other candidates in the race.

AS THE SITUATION stands, we are also afraid of the continuous violent situations between supporters of both candidates. We are afraid because such tension has the propensity to disturb our already fragile peace. Let the Sirleaf and Weah camps be reminded that the election is not only between the two candidates but other respectable individuals who are carrying on their campaign activities with civility.

LET THOSE PERPETUATING the act of violence be reminded that Liberia belongs to all Liberians and that everybody has the right to partake or contest any elective position of their choice in any electoral process no matter his/her status.

THAT IS WHY we are calling on those causing the disturbances or aiding and abetting such distasteful act to stop the madness and give peace a chance because anything contrary to that will be counterproductive to the conduct of a free, fair and transparent election.

CONSIDERING THE DANGER of the ongoing acts of violence and lawlessness, we challenge the two candidates to exercise control over their supporters to ensure a violent-free process. They should remind their supporters that this is not a contest for physical strength, but ideas and strategies to be able to ascend to such high office.

LET MR. WEAH and Mr. Sirleaf’s supporters join the other parties and candidates in running a peaceful campaign instead of attacking each other, as if they are at enmity. Hence, let all of us, no matter which candidate one supports, to behave properly. This is our plea for a peaceful and violent-free senatorial election.



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