Sanvee Denounces Sirleaf-Weah’s Supporters Clash

By Janjay F. Campbell

Liberty Party candidate, Benjamin Sanvee, has condemned Ambassador George Weah of the Congress of Democratic Change and Independent candidate, Robert Sirleaf for the violence that took place on Wednesday and branded the two senatorial candidates as being “irresponsible”.   Mr. Sanvee who called yesterday on a local talk show said there was absolutely no reason for any violence to have taken place on Wednesday between supporters of Ambassador Weah and Mr. Sirleaf and that it is irresponsibility to the highest level.

To the supporters of both candidates, the Liberty Party candidate is calling on them to open their eyes and vote for a responsible leader. He stressed that when you have leaders that can go to any length for power and they are not responsible, then Liberia will undoubtedly encounter medley of problems.

He mentioned that the two candidates need to show some level of responsibility or they should step aside. He stressed that the candidates acted irresponsibly that day and they deserve to be condemned for their actions.

Mr. Sanvee said because he is responsible that is why most people are joining his party and campaigning along with him. He added that the two candidates are older and they should know better and behave like politicians.