Rob, Oppong Supporters Clash Again At PHP

By Janjay F. Campbell

As Liberians gear up for the conduct of the Special Senatorial Elections, supporters of Ambassador George Weah of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and Independent Candidate, Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf have again clashed in Monrovia leaving at least eight persons wounded.

Disclosing this to newsmen at the Headquarters of the CDC during a press conference yesterday, the Vice Chairman for Operation of the CDC, Mulbah Morlu lauded supporters of the CDC for their level of tolerance exhibited during the incident yesterday.

Mr. Morlu alleged that while Amb. Weah was at the Rally Town Market campaigning, supporters of Mr. Robert Sirleaf drove to the market with rocks and deadly weapons in their vehicle and allegedly in a bid to attack Weah and his supporters. He further alleged that CDCians were unaware of the attack but still managed to get Ambassador Weah out of the area.

He further said that after the CDC partisans managed to get their leader out of the danger zone, they drove directly to the police station where a complaint was filed by officials of the CDC. According to him all CDCians will support the rule of law and will turn out on Saturday to support their candidate, although the police did nothing while CDCians were being attacked.

Mr. Morlu said recent comments made by Mr. Sirleaf that he will make Liberians bleed have come to pass. He said what took place is not an attack on CDCians only but the Liberian people and that Mr. Sirleaf is desperate because he is aware that at the end of the day Mr. Weah will come out victorious.

He stressed that the attacked was premeditated by supporters of Mr. Sirleaf and that they are trying to stop the elections from being held on Saturday. Mr. Morlu then called on CDCians to come out on Saturday and vote Mr. Weah as Senator.

At the same time, a supporter of Mr. Sirleaf has allegedly accused Mr. Morlu and Representative Acarous Gray for disturbing their peaceful gathering yesterday at the PHP Blue field by throwing stones at them.

One of Mr. Sirleaf supporters identified as Bernard otherwise known as Weapon alleged that he saw Representative Gray and Mr. Morlu who are faithful followers of Mr. Weah with a group of CDCians throwing stones at one of Mr. Sirleaf’s campaign vehicles.

He further narrated that supporters of Mr. Sirleaf decided to go after the CDCians but Mr. Morlu and Representative Gray managed to escape the scene. Mr. Bernard said CDCians are in the constant habit of disturbing supporters of Mr. Sirleaf whenever they gather.

When contacted, Mr. Morlu denied the allegation by Mr. Sirleaf’s supporters and disclosed that he managed to calm the angry CDCians and encouraged them to return to their various home to get set for Thursday’s gathering.

Mr. Morlu further narrated that upon noticing that a group of Sirleaf’s supporters were rushing on him, he had to flee for his dear life and denied that he did not throw any stone at anyone during the fracas.