Marketers Committed To Ebola Fight

By Antoinette Sendolo

The Liberia Marketing Association through its president Madam Lusu Slong has committed itself to the “Ebola Must Go” Campaign which was recently launched by President Ellen Johnson_sirleaf.

The campaign is aimed at achieving zero Ebola infection comes December 31 of this year.

The head of the Liberia Marketing Association has called on all marketers to join the fight against the Ebola virus by observing all the necessary preventive measures given by the Ministry of Health and its local and international partners.

Madam Slong stressed that since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, market women have been finding it difficult to carry out their daily activities something she described as troubling for them noting that most women have to sell in order to sustain their families.

She said due to the Ebola outbreak in the country, market women are out of business and they have lost their incomes adding that the situation poses serious challenge to those market women who are single mothers with the initiative of providing for their children.

The Liberia Marketing Association president noted that rural market women are mostly affected by the closure of various markets in the rural areas something she said made it difficult for those women to even have food on their tables since the outbreak of the virus.

She added that” we are troubled because schools are about to reopen and most market women who are considered bread winners for their families are unable to do their regular business due to the virus outbreak which led to the closure of the markets.”

Meanwhile, Madam Lusu Slong is urging young people to stay away from sex with strange person. “Now that the Ebola virus is reducing I will like to call on my fellow citizens especially the young ones to avoid sex for now because some people who survived the virus might want to destroy others so please wait until Liberia is being certified as an Ebola free country.”