Ellen Press Secretary Hits Back At Lawmaker

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Press Secretary, Jerolimick Piah, has sharply reacted to recent accusation by Unity Party’s former Representative, George Wesseh Blamo that the President is running the party from her Executive Mansion office.

Addressing a news conference recently in Monrovia, Mr. Piah said anyone has the right to disengage from an organization or political party as their constitutional right but to fabricate and accuse another person is unacceptable and based on falsehood.

Recently, Grand Kru County Representative, George Wesseh Blamo, a Unity Party lawmaker and Chairman on the House Committee on Executive announced his resignation from the ruling party claiming that President Sirleaf is undermining candidates running on the UP ticket and that she was at the same time running the party from her Foreign Ministry office.

But the Presidential Press Secretary, Piah described the lawmaker’s accusation as false, untrue and misleading. Piah said Liberia’s political history is depleted with deception and betrayal as in the case of the Grand Kru County lawmaker.

“To say that the President is undermining candidates running on the UP ticket is very unfortunate because the madam has personally aided all of the candidates running on the party including those from other political parties who were endorsed by the party,” Mr. Piah intimated.

He said President Sirleaf recently donated a brand new pick up to the party to enable candidates on the party’s ticket reach their various areas. Piah said Rep. Blamo is narrow-minded when he asserted that President Sirleaf promised to undertake a project but did not do same about five years ago.