Neyor Threatens To Sue Gov’t For Selling 4 Oil Blocks…But NOCAL Denies Dubious Dealings

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

Montserrado County Senatorial Candidate, Christopher Neyor has threatened to take legal action against the Government of Liberia for the alleged sale of four oil blocks in the country.

Addressing a jam-parked news conference yesterday in Monrovia, Mr. Neyor said he has received credible evidence that the procedure for award of oil blocks, as outlined in the New Petroleum Law of 2002 were not adhered to in selling the four Oil Blocks by the National Oil Company.

Neyor alleged that the biding process, evaluation of bids and award of contracts were outsourced to a private accounting firm contrary to the law and all of the evaluation works were done secretly in London, in the United Kingdom.

“Fragments of the Hydrocarbon Technical Committee were only used in a controlled and unprofessional manner as rubber stamps in an attempt to legitimize a predetermined objective not in the interest of our country and suffering people. Moreover, trained Liberian legal and technical experts within NOCAL were sidelined in the entire process for sales of these oil blocks,” the President/CEO of MORWEH pointed out.

He said four oil blocks have been sold under dubious circumstances and now the President has asked the lawmakers to defer their break again for the sole purpose of rectifying contracts for these illegally sold national assets that belong to all Liberians. “We can only conclude from the speed of the process and the information we have that the Liberian people have been taken for a ride again,” Neyor told newsmen in Monrovia on Tuesday.

“As a stakeholder and one whose leadership our people look up to especially in the oil sector, I have consulted lawyers to file an injunction to the Honorable Supreme Court against ratification of these illegally obtained oil blocks. I’m preparing affidavit with additional factual information as part of the filing to our High Court,” the Senatorial Candidate said.

Mr. Neyor added that he has strong reasons to believe that some stealing is being perpetrated against the country and following the advice of counsel, he will be forwarding information to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) for opening of a full investigation into the hurried and unwise sale of these oil blocks.

He said the Liberian people cannot be dying from Ebola, the young people across the country remain unemployed, the educational system in a mess, roads to densely populated communities in the country are deplorable and a small group in the government form a criminal syndicate at the expense of all Liberians.

Mr. Neyor has called on all well-meaning Liberians to support him as he takes the initiative to stop corruption in the government by those Liberians elected to manage the natural resources that belong to all of the citizens and should be used for their collective good.

Meanwhile, the vice president for Public Affairs of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), Prof LaminiWaritay has denied claim of any dubious deal, stating that the process was done with transparency and a competitive bidding process.

He added that acceptable standard and procedures relative to such matter were used, along with necessary advice.