Bob Supporters Allege Attacks…Point Accusing Fingers At CDC, But Party Terms It As “Calculated Lies”

The home of Mr. FlomoYarsiah, the Coordinator of the Robert A. Sirleaf for Senator Campaign in District Number 11, Montserrado County has been attacked by unknown individuals using a petrol bomb.   According to residents of Bardnersville Estate area B, the home of Mr. Yarsiah specifically B-55 was attacked on Sunday at about 3:30 p.m. while Mr. Yarsiah and other members of the Robert Sirleaf campaign team were holding a meeting in the veranda of the same house.

The residents said within a minute people started shouting from the back of the house shouting, Fire, Fire!

Mr. Yarsiah said he and the group that were holding the meeting immediately came alert and ran to the back of the house only to discovere that the first room in the back of the house was gutted by fire.

He said the fire later gutted the second room leading to the destruction of several campaign materials that were stored in the house. “As a result of the fire incident over 1,500 Robert A. Sirleaf campaign T-shirts were burnt along with other personal things in the house.

A woman who resides in another house directly behind the affected B-55 said while she was cooking last Sunday afternoon she saw a boy wearing a black T-shirt but after his disappearance from the area, fire was seen on the roof of Mr. Yarsiah’s residence.

Mr. Yarsiah said if it was not through the help of some residents and a fire service employee in the area, his residence would have been totally destroyed.

He accused elements of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Mr. Sirleaf, major competitor in the Senatorial Election race of carrying out the arson attack on his residence.

Mr. Yarsiah said some weeks ago, while having a meeting with some church leaders who had pledged their support to Robert Sirleaf in the Johnsonville area, a group allegedly belonging to the CDC again disrupted the meeting and seized several cell phones belonging to the Clergymen that were there.

He said that night he received a telephone call from an unknown number and the caller threatened to deal with him saying, “Since you are putting Robert Sirleaf’s business on your head, this is just the beginning.”

Mr. Yarsiah said no matter what may come his way, he will remain a supporter of Mr. Sirleaf’s bid for the Senatorial seat of Montserrado County.

However, CDC Vice Chairman for Operations, Mr. MulbahMorlu told the INQUIRER that in any election, the party that is winning has no reason burning people’s houses or campaign warehouses.   He described the allegation as blatant lie only intended to gain popularity at the expense of the CDC.