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Civil Society Group Takes Issue With Harry Greaves

The National Chairman of the Progressive Alliance Movement of Liberia, Mr. K. Mamadee Keita, has described as reckless and negative comments of corruption allegation attributed to Mr. Harry Greaves against the current administration of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) and by extension the Liberian Presidency.
The Alliance noted that as all local and international efforts, resources and attention are being focused on the eradication of the deadly ebola disease, Mr. Greaves, a former Managing Director of the LPRC, recklessly continue to give negative comments on the industrious administration of Mr. T. Nelson Williams, Managing Director of the LPRC and by extension to the presidency of Liberia.
The Alliance in a statement recalled that the administration of Mr. Harry Greaves at the time as Managing Director of the LPRC was marked by a reservoir of corruption allegations which eventually dragged him out of that prestigious and high profiled public office.
The group said since then, Mr. Harry Greaves has not been vindicated in line with the basic and fundamental principles of transparency and accountability to satisfy the desire of the Liberian people.
“It is therefore, astonishing that such a man who lives in a glass house will choose to engage into throwing stones at others. That residential empire will be bound to fall.The January to the September 2009 administration of Mr. Harry Greaves engulfed the entity with mountains of clandestine and dubious arrangements in the name of that vibrant entity leaving government to lose millions of United States dollars,” the statement said.
The group said some of these arrangements include the fraudulent Zakham contract to rehabilitate the Product Storage Terminal (PST), the Nigeria Oil Addax Deal in which the economically stranded Liberians were robbed out of over US$2 million dollars without any accountability by Mr. Greaves and the malicious downsizing of more than 400 employees with the employment of his friends and relatives, a situation which amounted to nepotism and lack of patriotism.
“Other mal-practices also include the running of the affairs of the LPRC for over a year without a Deputy Managing Director and a month-long senior staff leadership workshop and other important programs and functions of the LPRC during his tenure at his private restaurant, the Panache Restaurant now known as the PA Rib House where huge amount of United States dollars were diverted to deepen his pocket thereby representing conflict of interest and rampant corruption,” the  Alliance statement said.
The Alliance said Mr. Greaves inhumanely imposed hardship and suffering on the LPRC employees which resulted into massive jubilation when his services were terminated by President Sirleaf in 2009.
“Mr. Greaves’ leadership which avoided accountability and in an attempt to achieve his selfish desire eventually appointed corruption as Deputy Managing Director for fiscal policy inflicted losses in terms of the management of the petroleum products and ships to shore losses amounting to 2 million United States dollars,” the Alliance noted.
Still on the dubious performance of Mr. Greaves, the group said the Zakham contract signed by him to rehabilitate the product storage Terminal in the amount of US$l9m was one marred by inconsistencies as the bidding process, value and other aspects were questioned by several bodies including the National Legislature after cancelling the Mechanical Engineering Group Contract signed by his predecessor, Representative Edwin M. Snowe which was worth US$ 12m for the same purpose of rehabilitating the product storage Terminal.
Also under the Gyude Bryant-led Transitional government, as a member of the Economic Management team, Mr. Greaves, was a party to squandering a Saudi donation of US$1 million intended to build low-cost housing facilities for middle income Liberians along the Robertsfield Highway.
The group said according to documents in its possession, Mr. Harry Greaves left the amount of US$ 9.2m in the company’s treasury and not US$10m as falsely reported in the media. “That amount was raised because, Mr. Greaves’ Administration did not undertake any projects to improve the facilities and performance of the company and enhance the welfare of its employees,” the group said.
The group said, “We are therefore calling on the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, the General Auditing Commission and the Ministry of Justice to hold Mr. Greaves responsible and accountable for all allegations of corruption during his administration.”
“Unlike Harry Greaves, the current Managing Director, T. Nelson Williams has made significant gains and achievements at the LPRC among which are, the erection of several tanks, modern petroleum Testing Laboratory and closed circuits TV, CCTV, planning and project departments, five years strategic plan, loss prevention department, Health, Safety and environmental department, a unique corporate social responsibility program with more than 3,000 individuals, institutions and communities greatly benefiting as well as a scholarship programs with over 1,000 students in eight counties,” the Alliance stressed.
The group also named the provision of medical benefits for employees, the launch of the Ganta Oil Terminal modernization and rehabilitation, achievement of US$8.3m profit in the midst of transformation.
The group concluded by saying Mr. T. Nelson Williams is the first Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company to enhance the Liberianization policy to the expectation of all well-meaning Liberians at home and abroad.



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