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Sinoe Citizens Group Oppose Supt.’s Confirmation

Sinoe citizens under the banner of “Sinoe Citizens for Accountability & Equal Representation” have called on the Liberian Senate not to confirm the Superintendent-designate Romeo Quioh.

In a communication to the Senate Committee on Internal Affairs, the group said it has nothing personal against the nominee, but that their case simply seeks to call their attention to the need for the Superintendent of the county to have the highest level of credibility and good character required for such a high office.

The group said Mr. Quioh should not be confirmed because he has been accused of being involved in corrupt practices and that the General Auditing Commission (GAC) and Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), separately indicted Mr. Quioh, tainted his character, destroyed his credibility, and portrayed him as a great risk to handle Sinoe County’s financial and other resources.

They pointed out that the indicted Mr. Quioh failed to account for US$727,669.20 Sinoe County’s development funds; making 44 bank payments (totaling US$215,880.20) without voucher supports and also for failing to report accurate financial information.

They said Mr. Quioh, who is the Development Superintendent has been accused of also failing to disclose revenue collected; made payments but failed to include same in the Project Management Committee’s financial reports. He was also accused of violating the budget laws and that of the Public Procurement & Concession Commission.

The Sinoe citizens informed the committee that records indicate that Superintendent-designate Quioh was given an opportunity by the GAC auditors and LACC fraud investigators to explain his side of the charges against him, noting that he took advantage of the opportunity, but his explanations did not convince both the GAC and the LACC. Therefore, both of them have indicted him.

“Please note that the audit and investigation only covered the periods July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2013. Much more may have happened beyond this period, judging from the very troubling illegal and fraudulent activities reported,” they said.

They went on: “Honorable Senators, we recognize and respect the President’s constitutional right to choose and nominate county superintendents. Equally so, we know that the Liberian people, through the current Constitution, under the doctrine of separation of powers, have empowered you (the people’s deputies) to vet the nominees and ensure that they meet the highest level of credibility, honesty, and competence required for the position of superintendent. See Full Text Inside.



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