Gongloe Raps On Access To Justice

By Antoinette Sendolo

As Liberia joined the World to celebrate Universal Human Rights Day, Human Rights Lawyer, Tiawon Gongloe, has highlighted poverty as a major factor that hinders access to justice in Liberia.

He said most Liberians lack the financial strength to seek justice after being violated noting that some lawyers demand funds that most complainants can’t afford.

The Human Rights Lawyer noted that the locations of various courts also pose serious problem for those in the rural parts of the country to access justice something he said makes perpetrators go with impunity.

Cllr. Gongloe added that there is a need for all Liberians to have easy access to justice despite their status, religious or political affiliation in the country.

He said the justice system in Liberia makes it difficult for citizens to seek immediate redress for crimes against them stressing that women and girls are mostly affected due to the delay in the justice system in the country.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Gongloe in his recommendations said, “Due to the difficulties faced by poor people to have easy access to justice in the country, I suggest the use of alternative district resolution methods for both civil and criminal matters that fall beyond third degree felony, using human rights standard methods in order to ensure that standard of due process is maintained and the rights of people not violated.

The observance of the Universal Human Rights Day was held under the auspices of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights, Civil Society and the United Nations Mission in Liberia celebrated under the theme: Celebrating Twenty-one Years of Changing Lives Through Human Image.

December 10, is set aside by the United Nations General Assembly to be celebrated as Universal Human Rights Day around the World in order to provide the World the opportunity to celebrate the great achievement made in the protection of human rights.