Ensuring A Peaceful Election

AS LIBERIANS GEAR up for the holding of the mid-term elections, serious tension is mounting which might have the propensity of undermining the process and sending the country’s democratic gains made thus far behind. Day after day, we see people from across the political divide raining insults on each other and conducting themselves in a manner and fashion that could destroy the fragile democratic culture in the country.
NEWS CONTINUE TO spread that supporters of rival candidates are destroying posters and other campaign materials of others on ground that they are campaigning while there is a stay order from the court.
THIS UGLY BEHAVIOR is foreign to the culture of democracy which the poor country is striving to adopt so as to be counted among the comity of civilized nations. Election violence and other vices which are becoming the order of the day are seriously unacceptable and must be discouraged as we are about to hold the first mid-term elections since the end of the Liberian Civil War which ended in 2003.
HOWEVER, WHILE OTHERS are conducting themselves in a disgruntled manner, we applaud those who are taking actions gear toward a legal understanding of the process leading to the election. Already we have two stay orders on the holding of this election and an executive order.
WE WELCOME THESE moves because they are peaceful means aimed at understanding ourselves during this process without which we could sail on a bad path in the name of holding free and democratic election. With these instruments in place it is now incumbent upon the electorates no matter which side of the political divide they support, to be peaceful and conduct themselves accordingly.
LET’S NOT FORGET; there are many disgruntled individuals in the society who do not have the correct understanding of this process but would resort to negative actions in the name of pleasing their candidates. Election is not about fighting, raining insults or bringing down the campaign materials of others only because we do not agree with them.
ELECTION IS ABOUT picking ones choice in a political race through the casting of secret ballot and not through violent means.
AS A PEOPLE, we should ensure that this mid-term election be held in a peaceful manner and to achieve this noble goal, we must be reciprocal. We must take charge of the election process while holding political leaders responsible to control the process by inculcating in their supporters those virtues that characterize the holding of a free, fair and democratic election where everyone is presumed a winner.
Supporters of candidates and the entire citizenry must ensure the holding of a peaceful election by guiding against unscrupulous disgruntled elements, who might want to use this election season to disrupt the process only for their selfish motive.
WE SHOULD BE peaceful in a way that the platform of every candidate be understood and examined for the good of the country and the respective counties they wish to lead in the Liberian Senate. Our arguments should be centered on what a candidate has to offer Liberia’s nation-building process and x-ray a candidate in a manner that exposes such a candidate to public ridicule, a situation which can ignite violence. Let’s therefore ensure a violent-free peaceful election for the growth of Liberia’s new-found democracy.