PUSH Launches Clean Up Exercise

A newly established group called People United To Serve Humanity beyond borders, (PUSH) over the weekend launched its first cleaning up Campaign and construction of cross walk signs in the Congo Town community.

In an interview with the president of PUSH, John H. Benson, said the organization PUSH is a grass root humanitarian organization wherein it dispenses its services, aims and objectives beyond ethnic, racial, religious political, traditional and cultural borders.

Mr. Benson added that their mission is to assist in the decentralization process of the basic services and opportunities in their communities and beyond borders and that the organization’s aim is to build a grass root humanitarian organization of mobilizing the human, material and financial resource in order to reach the unreached at all cost.

Mr. Benson said the cleaning campaign process and the construction as demonstrated by the organization will not be the end but the beginning of the organization’s great work that it has to carry on. He concluded that a public latrine will soon be constructed through the organization, PUSH by Mr. Christopher Z. Neyor.

For her part, Minty Choloply who spoke on behalf of the women encouraged all women in the country to join the organization because it is an organization that belongs to everyone as the organization is open to everyone residing in the country and around the world.

She concluded that the organization welcomes any contribution and assistance by anyone to assist in making the organization achieve its goal.





LACC, NIF, CSOs Commemorate IACD 2014

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) in collaboration with the National Integrity Forum (NIF) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) will on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 join the rest of the world in commemorating International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD).

December 9 was designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations to serve as an opportunity for all organizations and individuals worldwide to create awareness about corruption and to promote anti-corruption activities. This year, the UNODC and UNDP have developed a joint global campaign, focusing on how corruption affects education, health, justice, democracy, prosperity and development. The theme for this year is “Break the corruption chain”.

In commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day 2014, the LACC in collaboration with the NIF and CSOs with funding from the UNDP, have planned series of activities befitting the day. In consideration of the Ebola virus, this year’s commemoration will feature radio and television discussions about corruption, publication of anti-corruption messages and the parading of a float.

The day will also highlight the launching of the Commission’s three years Strategic Plan by the President of Liberia as well as messages from the Liberian President, Secretary General of the United Nations and the Executive Chairperson of the LACC.





GYAC-Liberia, LEITI AND GIZ To Enhance Youth Participation in Natural Resource

The Liberia Chapter of the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network (GYAC-Liberia) an international anti-Corruption and integrity institution in partnership with the Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (LEITI) with support from GIZ will observer this year International Anti-Corruption Day by organizing the Liberia Youth Natural Resource Governance Forum.

By resolution 58/4 of October 31, 2003, the UN General Assembly designated December 9 as International Anti-Corruption Day. This decision aimed to raise people’s awareness of corruption and of the role of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in combating and preventing it.

The assembly urged all states and competent regional economic integration organizations to sign and ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) to ensure its rapid entry into force.

According to GYAC-Liberia National Coordinator, James Koryor the event is intended to equip, engage and educate youths on natural resource governance issues. The event will also create a platform where youths and students can engage with stakeholders to better understand the management of Liberia Extractive Industries, revenue flows, environmental impact as well as current laws and policies governing the sector with a focus on transparency in Natural Resource Governance.

The event will also focus on LEITI 5th Report launched recently and is expected to bring together one hundred participants from various sector of the society including officials of Government, CSOs, youths and students and partner organizations.

The GYAC-Liberia executive further stressed that since the end of its civil wars, Liberia has made considerable governance gains in the natural resources sector. In 2009, the government passed the landmark Liberian Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (LEITI) Law, requiring natural resource revenue and contract transparency. Despite some improvements in natural resource governance in Liberia, not much has been done in getting more young people involve in understanding and participating in resource governance issue in the country.

The event will be held at the YMCA Conference Hall on Broad Street in Monrovia on December 9, 2014 under the Theme “ Enhancing Youth Participation in Natural Resource Governance in Liberia”




Alpha Phi Alpha Celebrates 108 Years Of Existence

The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity eta epsilon Lambda chapter number 260 in Liberia joined more than 200,000 Alphas around the world on Thursday, December 4, 2014 to celebrate 108 years of existence with a dinner held at the Monrovia City hall to mark the Founder’s Day program of such noble organization.

At a very colorful ceremony on Thursday evening, the organization president, Brother T. Nelson Williams, II, thanked members of Alpha for the dedication over the years and the commitment shown in 2014 as they continue to serve mankind. Mr. Williams addressing Alpha members that also include Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai noted “We started our work in Grand Bassa, early 2014. “We did well from January to June but had to readjust due to Ebola”.

Brother Williams also said that they Alpha brothers and their sisters Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority had to go to 67 communities in Grand Bassa, Margibi and Montserrado counties in creating Ebola awareness as they taught a lot in these communities and could not continue their mentoring class at Cuttington University, Boveh High and other institutions in the country. “We went out to serve humanity. I want to thank every member of Alpha for the good work”. Brother Williams also pointed out that they are currently clearing a container at the Free Port of Monrovia that is over US$ 600,000.00 worth of medical drugs. He also congratulated some members of Alpha Phi Alpha that were promoted to Boards and other agencies and commended the youngest member of the group, J.Alben Greaves who attended the Obama Young Professional program in the United States. “Let us not be complacent, but work and serve humanity”, Brother Williams intoned.

One major inspiring part of the program was the honoring of some members of Alpha including Vice president Joseph NyumahBoakai who was honored by the chapter president T. Nelson Williams, II who presented him the Outstanding Leadership Award.

Other Alpha brothers honored for going beyond the call of duty were: William K. Morris, the chaplain of the organization, Nathaniel E. Kevin, financial comptroller, Henrique Caine, member of the national Ebola Task Force, Pierre Sebastain King, for his relatively endless travels overseas in the interest of Alpha and John T. Woods who was presented the Alpha Life Time Achievement Award as he became a member of the organization in 1965.

There were also recognition of some distinguished guests including Madam Matilda Parker, Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA) who is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Daniel D. Ziankhan, Chief of Staff, Arm Forces of Liberia.

Another exciting part of the program was the honoring of Alpha’s president and Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), T. Nelson Williams, II who was honored by a reputable group, Charity Liberia. The group honored Mr. Williams as Ambassador of Charity with the wordings on the certificate “In recognition of his priceless, immense contribution to the human resource and social economic development of our society as well as humanitarian services to mankind over the years, and is recognized as Ambassador of Charity”. Based upon the request of the group, Vice president Boakai gowned Mr. Williams with the president of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) John Davies who is also an Alpha member, presenting the certificate.

Also, another Alpha member, Prince Kieh, paid tribute to the seven tenacious men who founded the organization on December 4, 1906 on the Campus of Cornell University in Itacha, New York.

Alpha Phi Alpha is the first Black Inter Collegiate Greek-lettered Fraternity founded December 4, 1906 at Cornell University in Itacha, New York. The seven founding members are known as founding jewels. The tenacious seven that founded the organization include: Charles Henry Chapman, Robert Harold Ogle, Eugene Kincles Jones, Vertner Woodson Tanely, Nathaniel Allison Murray, Henry ArthusCallis and George Biddle Kelley.




UNESCO Good-Will Ambassador Dedicates Modern Library

By Edwin G. Wandah

UNESCO Center for Peace and Transformation Goodwill Ambassador, Rev. Dr. J. Luther Tarpeh has dedicated a modern library in the Seminary Community to be used by school going children who are currently on vacation due to the Ebola virus in the country.

Cutting ribbons to the building of the library, Rev. J. Luther Tarpeh lauded the Administration of the Best Brain Academy for thinking in this direction, at least to have the children in a safe and secured environment to provide them with learning opportunities during this Ebola epidemic crisis period.

He however called on parents to allow their children go and make use of the opportunity that is freely available to them.

Speaking earlier, the Principal of Best Brains Academy along the Robertsfield Highway, Mrs. Christian Tarpeh expressed joy and profound gratitude for a dream comes true.

According to Mrs. Tarpeh the opening of the library will afford children of the Baptist Seminary and its vicinity the opportunity to access learning places during this vacation time. She said the library will benefit the community a lot especially during this health crisis, where school going children continue to be sitting home for several months.

She further that it was the commitment of the management of the school which deemed it necessary to quickly open the library to the public, mainly the Seminary Community due to health condition which has held many children hostage, allowing them to roam the streets.

The dedicatory ceremony was attended by several officials of Best Brains Academy, including the school’s Vice Principal for Administration, Rev. Marvin O. Suah and host of journalists. The library which will be managed by the school will contain about 3,000 text books.






Ensuring A Peaceful Election

AS LIBERIANS GEAR up for the holding of the mid-term elections, serious tension is mounting which might have the propensity of undermining the process and sending the country’s democratic gains made thus far behind. Day after day, we see people from across the political divide raining insults on each other and conducting themselves in a manner and fashion that could destroy the fragile democratic culture in the country.

NEWS CONTINUE TO spread that supporters of rival candidates are destroying posters and other campaign materials of others on ground that they are campaigning while there is a stay order from the court.

THIS UGLY BEHAVIOR is foreign to the culture of democracy which the poor country is striving to adopt so as to be counted among the comity of civilized nations. Election violence and other vices which are becoming the order of the day are seriously unacceptable and must be discouraged as we are about to hold the first mid-term elections since the end of the Liberian Civil War which ended in 2003.

HOWEVER, WHILE OTHERS are conducting themselves in a disgruntled manner, we applaud those who are taking actions gear toward a legal understanding of the process leading to the election. Already we have two stay orders on the holding of this election and an executive order.

WE WELCOME THESE moves because they are peaceful means aimed at understanding ourselves during this process without which we could sail on a bad path in the name of holding free and democratic election. With these instruments in place it is now incumbent upon the electorates no matter which side of the political divide they support, to be peaceful and conduct themselves accordingly.

LET’S NOT FORGET; there are many disgruntled individuals in the society who do not have the correct understanding of this process but would resort to negative actions in the name of pleasing their candidates. Election is not about fighting, raining insults or bringing down the campaign materials of others only because we do not agree with them.

ELECTION IS ABOUT picking ones choice in a political race through the casting of secret ballot and not through violent means.

AS A PEOPLE, we should ensure that this mid-term election be held in a peaceful manner and to achieve this noble goal, we must be reciprocal. We must take charge of the election process while holding political leaders responsible to control the process by inculcating in their supporters those virtues that characterize the holding of a free, fair and democratic election where everyone is presumed a winner.

Supporters of candidates and the entire citizenry must ensure the holding of a peaceful election by guiding against unscrupulous disgruntled elements, who might want to use this election season to disrupt the process only for their selfish motive.

WE SHOULD BE peaceful in a way that the platform of every candidate be understood and examined for the good of the country and the respective counties they wish to lead in the Liberian Senate. Our arguments should be centered on what a candidate has to offer Liberia’s nation-building process and x-ray a candidate in a manner that exposes such a candidate to public ridicule, a situation which can ignite violence. Let’s therefore ensure a violent-free peaceful election for the growth of Liberia’s new-found democracy.