We Are Concerned About Police Cell Infiltration

YESTERDAY THE INQUIRER Newspaper published a news story under the caption, “Man infiltrates police cell…Dupes inmate of over LD 24, 000.” In that story it was reported that the Liberia National Police (LNP) arrested and sent to court an alleged perpetrator identified as Romeo Dahnon with a charge of Impersonating as personnel of the LNP and also duping inmate Kemoh Sannoh at the Topoe Village Police Depot, Zone 2 of more than LD24.000.
ACCORDING TO THE Police Charge sheet, the accused was in possession of a police Identification Card including a police badge from the Zone 4 Police Depot II where he had claimed to be serving as a police officer and that he wore an ordinary attire with a loaf of bread, bearing police patrol badge #:2041, and Police ID number #:1746, impersonating as a police officer at which time Sannoh asked him to assist him in getting out of the police cell.
THIS INVESTIGATION FOR us puts the police in the spotlight that anything can happen under its watchful eyes because to imagine least to prove for sure that inmates who should be the most protected are now being duped; this is the last thing that should occur because it signals that at the police headquarters or even local depots there is insecurity.
IT BEATS OUR imagination that police will be investigating a crime that happened in its own backyard while officers claimed to have the keys to inmates holding cells and is not able to detect clearly who and what goes in and out of the depots especially to visitors of the inmates. This is shameful.
POLICE OFFICERS HAVE proven time and time again that they must be trained further in every spheres of security management because imagine a whole depot that has no command structure or officer to deal with crime related issues.
OUR CONCERN IS how did the alleged perpetrator obtain an ID card and whose police badge was he wearing? Who were his contacts in the Depot for which he was so brave to reach the inmates in the cell?
THERE ARE TOO many questions for the police than the investigation could explain for which they have charged just one person without a clue as to which officer aided the criminal or gave him the tip off concerning the wellbeing of a suspect that was undergoing prior investigation just within 24 hours.
WE BELIEVE THAT to this crime, there are more criminals therefore the defendant accused already should not be the only suspect if the police is sure that they want to raid the police of gangsters, impersonators and criminals.
THE POLICE MUST not stop the investigation on Romeo Dahn alone instead it should go beyond by identifying the police officer in possession of the badge and even though we know that ID cards are owned by anybody and maybe the defendant might have obtained a fraudulent one but the ID card and badge had numbers that must be owned by an assigned officer be it from Zone 4 Depot or wherever.
THE POLICE CELL infiltration is our concern and the police must investigate its officers thoroughly because crimes of such nature are not performed singularly.