Rob Sirleaf Accused Of Ignoring Court’s Order

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy
The campaign team of the Ben Sanvee for Senator of Montserrado County has flagged several violations amidst the Supreme Court’s stay order on all electoral processes in the scheduled Special Senatorial Elections in Liberia.
Addressing a press conference yesterday at the campaign offices on 5th Street, the Liberty Party candidate for Montserrado County senatorial seat, Benjamin Sanvee said the party has already notified the National Elections Commission (NEC) of the violations carried out by independent candidate, Robert Sirleaf.
Mr. Sanvee who outlined the violation as the posting and or planting of campaign bill boards across the city of Monrovia following the high court’s mandate termed it as a gross disrespect to that branch of government especially the Justice in Chamber, Philip Banks from whom the order did come.
He identified the Robert Sirleaf bill board being planted in the Parker Paint community and others erected at the Old Road main junction leading from the Fish Market just yesterday morning adding that several others are said to be erected by mid-night in Duala and the Beer Factory community.
The Liberty Party candidate said it is believed that the court’s stay order is intended to place a temporary halt on the process including all activities and that should extend to the erection of bill boards as well as posting of campaign materials and rallies.
Mr. Sanvee said it is a matter of demanding the NEC to address the issue and take punitive actions promptly among which shall include the bringing down of said ‘fly by night’ bill boards immediately.
He said another observation about the candidacy of Mr. Sirleaf is that it has become a pattern the extent that he is even erecting bill boards during curfew hours noting that the government in Liberia is not a monarchy therefore as a Liberian and a candidate, they should together submit to the rule of law.
Another violation observed by the Sanvee Campaign Team is the tearing down of other candidates’ posters for which he is also calling on the NEC to take note of the gross disrespect and recommended that whichever party or whoever supporters are in the constant habit of tearing down other candidates’ campaign materials if caught must be brought to book.
In other related issue, Mr. Sanvee said his coming into the race is to introduce a fresh start for Montserrado County and because of the Ebola, he will not carry out massive rallies during his campaigning instead his team has derived a simple strategy of reaching out to make people understand the importance of their votes and why they should partake in the process.
He said his team is concerned about the welfare of the electorates in the midst of the Ebola crisis because they would rather have people alive to vote than to risk their lives. On the issue of what he thinks about the stay order, the LP candidate said he will obey what is in the law even though he announced his candidacy over a year ago and is very confident.
Candidate Sanvee therefore called on other candidates to deal with issues and in so doing do it with respect and civility.