Murder Suspect Family On The Run?

Murder Suspect Family On The Run?

By C. Winnie Sayah-Jimmy
The family of the late Sonnie Tipayson, a 23-year-old girl who was murdered and shoved down a barrel in Clara Town has joined the police in the search and arrest of their daughter’s alleged murderer, Sylvester Tarpeh Davis.

The brother of the late Sonnie, Alvin Tipayson, told this paper yesterday that since they discovered the corpse of their daughter Sunday morning in their house in Clara Town, they have been on the hunt for Sylvester, a man who had been the late Sonnie’s partner for the past four years or more.

According to Alvin, it became no secret that Sylvester’s next move was always unknown because he hardly associated with anyone and he was a very quiet and self-centered gentleman. He said because their mother OrethaTipayson who works with the National Elections Commission loved her daughter, Sonnie so dearly, she even went ahead to find job for her future son-in-law.

The deceased’s brother narrated how his mother paid a year and a half rent for Sylvester somewhere in West Point so that he could leave their house because of his behavior of always having confusion with Sonnie but he still could not leave.

He confirmed that his mother went to Bopolu, Gbarpolu County on national duty while his father, Eric Tipayson, a gardener was also at work and was told that their little sister was outside washing when a quarrel began between the two lovers and on several occasions, those around intervened.

He said apparently with the long silence coming from the room of Sylvester and the late Sonnie, their little sister said she thought they were done with the confusion and without checking on them, she continued doing her job outside only to hear Sylvester whisper to her something she really did not understand due to the sound from the wash board and he disappeared.

Alvin said on that fateful Sunday morning, he dressed from his Newport Street residence to attend a wedding ceremony and went to get his father but as soon as he got off the vehicle at the Clara Town Prestige Motor Corporation intersection, he was harshly greeted by the brutal death news of his sister, Sonnie.