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Man Infiltrates Police Cell…Dupes Inmate Of Over LD24,000

By Edwin G. Wandah
The Liberia National Police-LNP has arrested and charged to court a 31- year old man, Romeo Dahn for impersonating as personnel of the Liberia National Police- LNP and also duping another man of more than LD24,000.
According to the Police Charge sheet in the possession of this paper, the accused appeared before the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice in possession of a police ID card, including a police badge at the Zone 4 Police Depot II, claiming to be a police officer.
The charge levied against the defendant also revealed that, Romeo Dahn used the ID card which was found with him to solicit money by deception before he was later arrested approximately 1600 hrs. on November 24, 2014.
Meanwhile, the accused has been charged for violating section 15.51 and 12.35 of the New Penal Code of the Republic of Liberia by officers of Zone 4, Depot 2 Police Station in Topoe Village.
According to the Liberia National Police, complainant Kemoh Sannoh also accused Romeo Dahn of extorting an amount of LD24.000.00 from him at the Topoe Village Police Depot, Zone 2.
In his complaint, Kemoh Sannoh explained that he went  to the Topoe Village Depot to undergo investigation of a crime he (Sannoh) was linked to, Theft of Service when the entire incident occurred.
He stated further that when he was later sent to prison, pending court trial, Romeo Dahn came to him, wearing ordinary attire with a loaf of bread, bearing police patrol badge #:2041, and Police ID number #:1746, impersonating as a police officer asking to assist to get him out of the police cell.
According to Sannoh, Romeo later returned to Sannoh’s wife, requesting an amount of LD24.000.00, an amount which he said could be enough to get him out of the cell, but absconded after receiving the money.
Meanwhile, Romeo admitted to the allegation levied against him by Kemoh Sannoh of the LD24.000.00, and also admitted to stealing the police outfit belonging to Police Patrolman, Meanah D. Dorliae about a month ago after he was accommodated by Dorliae.
Defendant Romeo told Police investigation that he gave portion of the money, LD7.000.00 plus USD100.00 to his girlfriend Fatu in Chocolate City Community for safe keeping, but the badge and ID card were retrieved by the Liberian National Police.



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