Election Group Concerned About Violence, Others

The Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) is deeply concerned with the level of violence and inflammatory statements that have characterized the special senatorial election campaign in violation of provisions of Section 10.22 of the New Elections Law of 1986 states, “It shall be an election offense for political parties, when having their political rallies and demonstrations, to abuse another political party or its leader by the use of profane language or slogan, tending to reflect on such party or its leader or a particular ethnic group or groups”.

The ECC observed on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 supporters of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and Independent Candidate Robert Sirleaf came face to face in the PHP community which led to vehicles being vandalized and people wounded as the two rival groups threw stones at each other and chanted slogans of war.

In the midst of the EBOLA pandemic, the ECC condemns the over crowdedness of campaign rallies organized by political parties and independent candidates without observing and adhering to Ebola preventive measures.

The ECC calls on all political parties and independent candidates to respect the code of conduct that they voluntarily singed to guide their behaviors during every phase of the electoral process. The ECC equally calls on the National Elections Commission (NEC) to enforce the electoral laws on peaceful campaigning and impose penalty on violators in keeping with the electoral laws and calls on all Liberians to respect the rights of others while they support the candidates of their choice.

At the same time, the ECC applauds the Liberian National Police (LNP) for the level of tolerance and professionalism demonstrated since the start of the political campaign and calls on the LNP to maintain this posture in providing security for all irrespective of party affiliation.

In another development, the ECC expresses concerns on the delay by NEC to publish the sample ballot papers and recommends that this is done if and when the stay order by the Supreme Court of Liberia is lifted. In the meantime, the ECC admonishes all political parties and independent candidates to respect the stay order on all campaign activities as pronounced by the Supreme Court.

The ECC is civil society platform dealing with electoral reform and the country’s largest national observation group observing the Special Senatorial Election.