Alleged Killer Still At Large

SonnieTaypayson’s alleged murderer, Sylvester David, is said to still be on the run according to police spokesperson, Sam Collins.   Mr. Collins who confided in this paper yesterday said that Sylvester David, the boyfriend of Sonnie who allegedly murdered her and buried her corpse in a barrel in her parent’s room is nowhere to be found since the discovery of her body on Sunday, November 30.

The late Sonnie, the second child for Eric Taypayson, lived with her family in Clara Town at the back of the Prestige Motors Corporation. The deceased, 23, is a graduate of the First Assembly of God High School in Clara Town.

The family is accusing Sylvester who is a contractor at the Sethi Brothers Company in Monrovia because since a quarrel ensued between both partners last Friday, Sylvester and the late Sonnie had disappeared only to find her dead body in a barrel.

Mr. Taypayson said it came as a shock to him when he discovered his daughter’s almost decomposed corpse in a barrel where he usually kept his clothes to avoid dust from dirtying them since he was carrying on renovation works in his room. He explained how he had been thinking all the while that his daughter had gone elsewhere to cool off for some time.

Mr. Taypayson in a mournful tone told this paper that he had plans to send his daughter to the Smythe Institute to study nursing but was waiting for the reopening of schools following the Ebola break. In a rather confused state, Mr. Taypayson just could not explain further but pointed to his room where he allegedly took the barrel bearing his daughter’s remains.

Meanwhile, Mr. Taypayeson admitted that his daughter and her boyfriend Sylvester had always have quarrels which had prompted him to give Sylvester notice to leave their house adding that even if he takes her along, he would not continue seeing them having quarrels or fighting.

He said he never had the slightest conviction that Sylvester could have done such because even though neighbors told this paper that it is rumored that Sylvester is in the habit of murdering his girlfriends most especially when they are pregnant noting that something might be the cause of that because this is the third time.

However, as the police continue the search for Sylvester, the alleged perpetrator, the father of the deceased revealed that all the time Sylvester lived with him and his wife in Clara Town, he did not get to know Sylvester’s family instead it was only his wife who he thinks knew the alleged perpetrator’s mother who is said to be living somewhere in West Point.

Even though Sylvester is suspected by the neighbors and the family members of heartlessly murdering their daughter since the quarrel on Friday, November 28 for reasons nobody could explain or best known to himself, the late Sonnie who has a nursing child who is believed to be a little over 13 months old, was said to be also carrying a four-month old pregnancy.