UNFPA Turns Over One Stop Center InKakata

By Janjay F. Campbell

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) over the weekend turned over US$45,000 One Stop Center to health authorities in KakataMargibi County for vulnerable women and girls.

Speaking at the ceremony, UNFPA Officer in Charge, Dr. RemiSogunro, said Sexual Gender Based Violence is on the increase and those women and girls are not the only ones who are being victimized; he said boys are being raped also.

He stressed that the One Stop Center is a place for survivors to come and tell their stories and be free from stigmatization and added that through the Ministry of Gender and Development they are saying zero tolerance to Sexual Gender Based Violence.

Dr. Sogunaro mentioned that the centers were established in hospitals because of the stigma women and girls are faced with and that most of the cases that are reported daily are children- related. He then admonished for the center to be used for its intended purpose.

Speaking also, the Gender Coordinator for Margibi County, Madam Lorpu M. Sherman, said to end poverty women and girls should not be violated. She said Sexual Gender Based Violence is a global issue and even in the midst of the Ebola crisis, girls are being raped.

According to her if women and girls have a place to live a decent and dignified life, this country will be a better place and mentioned that with the One Stop Center everything that will be done in the center will be confidential.

She said further that those nurses who will be employed at the One Stop Center are those who are already on Government pay roll. She said they will not employ anyone who is not on the Government’s payroll because they don’t want to complicate things.

The One Stop Center that is located in KakataMargibi County on the compound of C. H. Rennie Hospital will be used to counsel women and girls who are being sexually violated and give them hope to move on with their lives. UNFPA and SIDA provided funds built the center.