Lawyers To Argue On Two Issues…In Mercenary Appeal Case Today

Lawyers To Argue On Two Issues…In Mercenary Appeal Case Today

By Edwin G. Wandah

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia will today hear the case involving 13 Liberians sentenced to life imprisonment by Criminal Court D sometimes this year for act of Mercenarism in the Ivory Coast.

The case which was heard in the lower court had about nineteen Liberians sent to the Monrovia Central Prison for life. During the trial at the lower court, several other defendants were purged of the charge which was under the jurisdiction of the court at the time.

Those sentenced at the time were, NyezeeBarway alias Joseph Dweh, Morris K. Cole alias Edward Cole (General Girl), Isaac Taryou alias WollieTaryou, Steven Gloto alias Rambo (Ninja) and Prince Youty.

Others were James Lee Cooper, Emmanuel Saymah alias Trainer, Moses Baryee alias Moses Sarpee, Sam Tarley alias Bull Dog, OphoreeDiah, and Alfred Bobby James Jr. alias Bobby Sarpee, Jacob Saydee, and Mohammed Massaquoi.

Meanwhile, the two sticking issues to be heard by the high court include whether or not under the Liberian jurisdiction there has been any precedence for the trial of anyone charged with the crime of Mercenarism and secondly the accused were charged with offenses which fall in multiple jurisdictions within the first Judicial Circuits.