Man ‘Kills’ 4-Month Pregnant Lover In Clara Town

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The Taypayson family at the back of the Prestige Motors Garage in Clara Town has lost their second child, SonnieTaypayson, 23, allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend, Sylvester David who also lives with her in the family house.

The family is accusing Sylvester who is a contractor at the Sethi Brothers Company in the same community of gruesomely murdering their daughter on Friday, November 28 when they were all out on errands and even the community was empty because most of the residents had gone out to campaign.

According to the father of the deceased, Eric Taypayeson, his daughter might have met her untimely death during a quarrel with Sylvester when a neighbor told him upon his return from work that fateful day and all he thought was that his daughter had left the house because of the fight not knowing that Sylvester had kept his daughter’s corpse in a barrel in his (Taypayeson) room.

He said he never had the slightest conviction that Sylvester could have done such because fighting was a usual thing both partners did all the time and because they have a one year few months old baby who was apparently still being breastfed, he thought she had gone to spend some time until the situation is calm.

Mr. Taypayson said even though their concern began to grow due to the baby who was left alone at the house amidst continuous cry, it was while he was preparing yesterday morning for a wedding ceremony when he decided to search in a barrel in his room for clothes and have them pressed that he discovered the body of his daughter turned upside down in the barrel.

The late Sonnie’s father said he had warned Sylvester to leave his house if it would mean with Sonnie he did not care so that they should go somewhere else where he would beat on her but not in his presence because it had become his habit.

He explained that yesterday, Sunday, November 30, that his wife, smelled a kind of pungent odor and it was then that he took out a bag containing some of his clothes from the barrel only to find that his daughter’s corpse was buried in that same barrel.

He said without first seeing the body, it was then he decided to take the barrel outside and looked into it better and it was then that he saw the feet of his daughter which he recognized and being so disturbed, he began to cry. Up to press time, the decomposed body of Sonnie was still lying covered infront of the house as the family has no authority to take it for burial or to a funeral parlor.

Mr. Taypayson explained sorrowfully that while Sylvester lived with him he did not get to know Sylvester’s family instead it was only his wife who he thinks knew the alleged perpetrator’s mother who is said to be living somewhere in West Point. The late Sonnie hailed from River Gee County, a graduate of the First Assembly of God High School in Clara Town while the alleged perpetrator Sylvester hails from Sinoe County and is said to be on the run.