ACTIVA Insurance Pledges To Buttress Efforts Against Ebola

A Liberian Insurance Company, the ACTIVA International Insurance Company Ltd, has pledged its commitment of assisting in buttressing government’s efforts in combating the Ebola epidemic in various communities.

The Managing Director and CEO of the Activa International Insurance Company Limited, Attorney Saye D. Gbalazeh indicated that the management has joined the efforts of the government in the fight against the Ebola virus in the country.

Making the disclosure, Attorney Gbalazeh said that the company has established a welfare organization to work with other charity organizations to provide financial assistance to hundreds of Liberian orphan children who parents have died from the Ebola virus disease during the Ebola crisis in the country.

Stressing the corporate social responsibilities of Activa International Insurance Company he pointed out that the company is not just in Liberia to make profit but rather catering to the needs of the Liberian people.

Attorney Gbalazeh said that his company contribution towards the Liberian people is the institution way of buttressing the efforts of the government in combating the disease virus from the country that has killed thousands of Liberians and foreign nationals including health workers.

Speaking further the Chief Executive Officer of AIICL noted that Activa Insurance Company is a Globus Network which is the largest of its kind in Africa and also is a grouping of 38 well- positioned and dynamic insurance companies in 36 African countries, which enable multinational and global clients to enjoy expert and world class insurance services and coverage.

Cllr. Gbalazeh made the disclosure over the weekend when a pro- democracy group, the Society for the Promotion of Peace, National Reconciliation and Reunification awarded Activa International insurance Company a certificate of honor as the most outstanding and reliable Insurance Company of the year, 2014; in recognition and appreciation of the company outstanding and excellent role played over the years in the Insurance sectors of Liberia as a very good, reliable and credible insurance company.

Atty. Gbalazeh further said that over the year the company focus has been building the capacity of the human resources development.

Attorney Gbalazeh, however wants Liberians to reinforce the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in their respective communities despite the declined in new infection.

He emphasized that there is a need for Community dwellers to not abandon the Ebola preventive measures this he said will quickly eradicate the virus from Liberia.

According to Attorney Gbalazeh, ACTIVA Insurance company is the only insurance company in Liberia that has ISC equity with the World Bank because of its credibility , and professional services that it is providing to its international and local partners both Liberia and globally.

The CEO also thanked the organization for recognizing the company efforts in providing assistance to improve the living standard of Liberians within their various communities.

Also commenting on the Ebola situation in the country, Mr. Tutu’ Ani said the country normal health services are at risk as a result of the tread the virus has posed to the country poor health condition.

For his part, the national chairman of the civil organization Mr. James Mayfield Copson, called on officials of the company as well as Liberians to take the preventive measures instituted by the Ministry of Health and social Welfare in order to save the lives of Liberians and other nationals from the killer disease.

Accordingly to Mr. Copson, the war against Ebola is not yet over, but now is the time to intensify the Ebola awareness campaign Mr. Copson maintained that he hopes that by December with the collective efforts of everyone, Ebola will be out of Liberia.

Mr. Copson also lauded the company for the level of contributions the institution made in buttressing government’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) providing employment opportunity for Liberians in the private sector.

Meanwhile, the Senior Manager for Life and Health Insurance at ACTIVA, Mr. Willis J. Allen outlined some of the policies of the company following the presentation.

The Senior Manager further indicated that the company provides customized innovative clients solutions based on the benchmark insurance under-writing knowledge and specialized skills in the industry.

Stressing on the medical benefits that more insurance companies in Liberia have failed to adhere to, Mr. Willis J. Alien said as an added advantage to the local medical insurance cover, Activa offers the medical evacuation and treatment Option, wherein insured members may be afforded advanced medical treatment in Accra, Ghana, for illnesses that cannot be diagnosed or treated locally.

Activa International Insurance Company is trusted all over Africa, and is the only Pan Africa International Insurance Company currently operating in Liberia with branches in Ghana, Guinea and Cameroon respectively, Mr. Willis J. Allen concluded.