“Constitution Is Not Lord And Gospel”…Churches Concerned About Dec. 16 Election

The Liberian Council of churches (LCC) has expressed serious concern over the holding of the special; senatorial elections in the wake of the Ebola epidemic.

The Church said it is concerned about the credibility of the electoral process and wonders in keeping with the Electoral Law when the voters’ list will be published at the Polling Centers considering the Election is scheduled for December 16, 2014, as well as the identification of centers and precincts.

In a Pastoral Letter issued yesterday, the Council said it is very concerned in that that more needs to be done to ensure a level playing field so that results from the electoral process will not plunge Liberia into an unnecessary crisis and instability.

On arguments that failing to holding the election could lead to constitutional crisis, the Council pointed out that, “the Constitution is not “Lord and Gospel” and in the wake where there is a virus epidemic in the Country, morality and respect for human life and wellbeing should be considered rather than constitutionality.”

It added that Liberia has faced instability and constitutional crisis for a protracted period and by the grace of God and the resilience of the Liberian people have been able to rise up and deal with issues for the survival of the State and that the current situation is of no exception.

The LCC maintained that it is strongly convinced that the reasons that led to the rescheduling of the Mid-term Senatorial Elections from October 14, 2014 may not be fully addressed by December 16, 2014.

Meanwhile the LCC has called on the President of Liberia, National Elections Commission, the National Legislature, the Judiciary, Traditional and Religious Bodies, Civil Society, Politico’ Parties, Youths, Women, the International Community and all Liberians and residents “to soberly reflect on where we are, and the consequences if elections were to be held as planned on December 16, 2016, and where we wish to go, and to ensure that peace continues to reign in our a nation.”