Montserrado Initiative Spearheads Setting Up Ebola Task Force To Reduce Denial

UNDP /Ministry of Health Community Based Initiative in the West Point Community district 4, has organized a meeting with the elder Council, the new Commissioner and the youth of West Point.

The meeting was part of efforts by Active Case Finders and Contact Tracers of West Point to facilitate the establishment of an Ebola Task Force to help mitigate the resurging denial of the Ebola Virus, stigma, and hiding of the sick.

An earlier meeting held with the elder council indicated that the people of West Point were hiding their sick because it was popularly believed that those who went to the ETUs never came back to their families.

As a way of dispelling this belief, Active Case Finders providing services in the Community, identified 12 survivors from the West Point Community and presented them to the elder council.

During the program, one of the survivors shared his experience in the Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU). This survivor along with his Father, are the only members of a family of seven alive today after being infected with the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

After seeing and hearing from the survivor during the meeting, Elders of West Point pledged their commitment to support the work of Active Case Finders in the Community.

At the end of discussions, each member of the Elder Council was asked to serve as advisor to the Active Case finders from each of the seven zones in District 4, West Point Community.

It was also agreed that the Task Force would meet every Tuesday to review Ebola response in West Point and for Active Case Finders to provide feedback.