Minister Konneh, EU Amb. Pacifici Dedicate NAO New Building…Laud Tumarsi Construction Company For Good Job

By Edwin G. Wandah

Finance Minister, Amara Konneh and European Union Ambassador to Liberia, Atillio Pacifici, have cut ribbons to the New Office of the National Authorizing Officer- (ONAO).

Speaking at the grounds of the Executive Mansion on Capitol Hill, where the occasion was held, Minister Amara Konneh and EU Boss to Liberia, Atillio Pacifici, expressed heartfelt admiration to Tumarsi Inc. for the good work done on the building.

Minister Konneh in furtherance said, he, personally, was moved by the support by the European Union providing financial assistance to the project, which is a boost to the Government of Liberia.

According to Minister Konneh, the European Union has always been in support of extending assistance to the Government and people of Liberia in several areas in Liberia.

He once again thanked Tumarsi Inc., which is the main construction company that undertook the project, which according to him, is one of the brilliant jobs done on a Government’s project.

He intimated that Tumarsi went beyond the scope of the agreement to present a well designed state of the art building which is second to none, meaning, it is the first in the country so far.

For his part, Ambassador Pacifici, appearing very impressed, openly stated his deepest mood in seeing a job well done, most especially, with the level of work done by Tumarsi Inc.

According to Ambassador Pacifici, with the level of work done by a Liberian owned construction company, Liberians themselves can handle bigger contracts. “With this local contract, I believe Liberians can do better if they are given the adequate space and opportunity, ”Amb. Pacifici stated.

Martus W. Bangalu and Alfred Wolobah, Imprest Administrator and Accountant, thanked Minister Konneh and Amb. Pacifici for the level of understanding and the bilateral agreement which; is evident by the dedication of the New Office of the National Authorizing Officer.

Meanwhile, the program was graced by a turning over ceremony. In his farewell message, Mr. Alvin E. Attah told his successor, Jerry Tamba Taylor to be vigilant and take on the challenge of the task that lies ahead of him.

According to Mr. Attah, with confidence, diligence and hard work coupled with team work, he will succeed. Receiving the challenge, the new NAO Boss thanked his successor of his commitment to service.

“We will fight this fight together, “MOSES” I promised you that I will steer this ship to the Promised Land. This will be the effort of everyone; it is not for me alone, it is the joint effort of everyone, from the least man or woman, to those at the top,” Mr. Taylor stated.

Tumarsi Inc. is a Liberian owned construction company headed by Madam Kimberly K. Turay as the President/CEO, Abraham T. Watson Accountant, Deddeh M. Korzawu, Secretary General, Jerome Zobon Civil Engineer, Emmanuel K. Kpan Procurement officer and Payson G. Dahn, General Field Supervisor.