Former CDC Executives Endorse Robert For Senate

The former Executives and members of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) have endorsed the candidacy of Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf in the forthcoming senatorial election for Montserrado seat in the Liberian senate.

Speaking at the press conference on Wednesday, November 26, 2014, the group spokesperson Chief Budu Wilson, Sr. former National Vice Chairman/Adm. CDC said that the members have realized that when; not if; Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf is elected as senator for this strategic and all important County, there will be a remarkable infrastructural development as well as socio-economic improvements not only in Montserrado, but throughout the entire country.

He added that during this strategic and all important declaration of support for such a noble and selfless candidate, to advice Liberians throughout the length and breadth of this beloved Republic, particularly voters in Montserrado to do the right thing for mother Liberia by voting Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf for the senate.

He further indicated that Liberians of all political persuasions and age groups must be reminded that election of national public officials must be done with a matured sense of nationalism and not with negative rumors, rather refrain from all gutter style attacks on any candidate’s personality, but look at the wholesome content of substantive national development issues to which each candidate is sincerely capably committed.

He concluded that with this endorsement, the former Executives are completely convinced that Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf will be a prudent senator who will no doubt usher in the urgently needed improvements in this Ebola besieged country and now calling upon all well-meaning former and current cdcians to join us in our efforts to make absolutely sure that Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf is elected senator for Montserrado County.

The former Executives include Chief Budu Wilson, Sr., former National Vice Chairman/Adm. CDC; Sieh Blamo, former National Chairman Youth League CDC; Miss Louise D. Karmorh, former National Chaplain General CDC, Morris A. S. Swen Sr., former Chief of Staff Office of Chairman Doe-Sheriff CDC and Junior Tarnue, former Chairman of Margibi County CDC.