Ebola Survivors Warned Against Unsafe Sex

Ebola survivors have been urged to follow instructions and avoid having sexual intercourse until the period of ninety days or they would risk infecting their spouses.

Dr. Francis Nah Kateh, Deputy Head of the Incident Management Team for Health Response said the team has information that fresh cases of Ebola that are being reported are especially with Ebola survivors infecting their spouses.

Addressing the daily Ebola News conference yesterday at the Ministry of Information, Dr. Katheh said the Ebola virus stays in a male semen for 92 days and in a female for 57 days and as such those who are survivors of the virus should refrain from sex until these days expire.

Dr. Kateh said if at all Ebola survivors should have sex before the expiration of these days, they should use condoms to avoid infecting others with the virus.

In a related development, as the spread of the Ebola virus is declining as announced by health authorities, the Incident Management Team, a cardinal group in the fight against Ebola has announced a new strategy aimed at achieving zero Ebola case by the end of December 2014.

Dr. Kateh said the new strategy known as Rapid Isolation and Treatment of Ebola (RITE) would ensure that health practitioners are deployed on a community basis to reduce Ebola transmission by providing rapid treatment and isolation.

He noted that each community will have a RITE team that carries out identification hotspots where the virus is still active and initiate investigation that will lead to the investigation in hotspots.

Dr. Kateh said RITE will also ensure that a long term intervention operations will be carried out as determined by the evolution of the epidemic.