UP Youth Congress Pledges Support To Bob Sirleaf, But…

The National Youth Congress of the governing Unity Party (UP) has pledged its support to the candidacy of Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf for the position of Senator of Montserrado County.

The UP National Youth Congress, in pledging their support to Mr. Sirleaf said, “Today marks another historic day in the life of the Unity Party as dedicated and loyal partisans converge to officially declare our unanimous support to Hon. Robert A. Sirleaf’s bid to become the next senator of Montserrado County.”

The Secretary General of the UP Youth Congress, Mr. Patrick T. Worzie, said by openly pledging their unwavering support for an individual they believe is best qualified and competent for this position and whose humanitarian and charitable efforts continue to impact the lives of many throughout the county, they are exercising their fundamental human rights to support the candidacy of Robert Sirleaf.

He said they are supporting the Robert Sirleaf camp because their party, the governing Unity Party does not have a registered candidate in the up-coming Senatorial Elections.

“It may interest you to know that the constitution of the Unity Party is silent on the question of whether a devotee or a group of likeminded partisans can endorse another candidate contesting in an electoral process when the party’s candidate exempts himself from the political race,” Mr. Worzie said.

Mr. Worgie said because of this suspension bridge in the constitution, some UP lawmakers recently pledged their support to Ambassador George Weah.

He said by this same parity of reasoning, and cognizant of the fact that Mr. Sirleaf possesses an impeccable credential, they are now calling upon thousands of UP partisans and well-wishers to join them today and during the entire senatorial electoral process to ensure that Mr. Sirleaf secures victory at the polls.

“Interestingly, as we have pledged our support to Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf, it has come to our attention that there are efforts on the part of some UP executives and partisans to encumber our support to Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf. As far as we are concerned, this is a non-issue, hence, we would not expend important time to belabor the issue beyond few points,” Mr. Worzie said.

On the departure of UP Candidate, Ali Sylla from the race, Mr. Worzie said the abdication of partisan Ali Sylla from contesting the senatorial elections has precedence in the Unity Party.

He said Sylla informed the National Elections Commission that he had a medical condition that prevented him from contesting the election; hence he withdrew from the race. “We regret his decision not to contest but understand the circumstances under which that decision was reached,” he said.

“However, the proper procedure was not followed by Mr. Sylla. Instead of writing the NEC, the UP Candidate should have written the UP itself, alerting the party of his inability to contest the election. While we frown on Mr. Sylla’s action, we are convinced that such action was a harmless error and did not affect the unity and strength of the ever potent governing Unity Party,” the UP’s Youth Congress chief scribe said.