Ellen Impressed With Chinese Ebola Center

By Janjay F. Campbell

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has praised the China Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) describing it as the best in the country because of its quality.

The Liberian leader spoke yesterday at the opening ceremony of China Ebola Treatment Unit that was held at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville where she said China was the first to respond when Liberians were confused and alarmed at the beginning of the epidemic.

Looking at the ETU, President Sirleaf said it is a first class treatment center for Liberians; she stressed that the partnership that Liberia and China enjoy is highly appreciated and mentioned that the diplomatic talk that will be held between the Government of Liberia and the Government of China will go beyond the Ebola epidemic.

She stated that the bilateral talk will focus on where Liberia stands after the Ebola epidemic and it will also focus on Health, Education, Agriculture, etc. She stressed that China has been a good friend and partner to Liberia.

Also making remarks, the head of the Chinese delegation and Director General of the Health Department, General Logistics Department of the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA), Madam Cui Li disclosed that the ETU was built and staffed entirely by the Chinese and will be run and managed independently.

According to her, the Chinese ETU mirrors the long lasting friendship between China and Africa and it also presents the implementation of China’s Africa policy of “Sincerity, Real Results, Affinity and Good Faith” proposed by President Xi Jinping.

She further stressed that in the preparation and building of the ETU, the Chinese Government sticks to the principle of “Handle special cases with special methods when it comes to aiding Liberia’s Ebola fight” and that the Chinese Government fully respects the Liberian Government’s will and its participation in the process.

She stressed that after President Xi’s announcement of the 4th round of assistance to West African countries in fighting the Ebola epidemic, the Chinese Government took just a week to transport the construction materials, medical equipment and five hundred construction workers to Liberia in six chartered flights.

“As one of the best treatment centers in Liberia, the center is designed to meet high standards in the prevention and control of infectious diseases and the center has one hundred beds. With three batches of five hundred medical staff, the center will run for six months to isolate suspected Ebola patients and treat confirmed patients including UN staff who contract Ebola,” she stated.

The Deputy Head of the Chinese delegation, Director General of the Health Department, General Logistics Department of the Peoples’ Liberation Army, Ren Guoquan said, “This is the first international humanitarian relief project constructed, operated and managed by the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army independently”.

He added, “The friendship between China and Liberia is of long standing and eternally renewed. For a long time, our two countries and people share weal and woe with each other. There is an old Chinese saying Cold of winter know pine and cypress; Adversity reveals true friendship”.

He said since the beginning of this year, Liberians have suffered the severe threatening of Ebola epidemic and as an old and true friend, Chinese people have empathy with Liberians and have been concerned with the epidemic situation constantly and initiated exceptional assistance and rescue to help Liberia fight against Ebola.

He ended by saying, “The construction and operation of China ETU is not only a practice by which Chinese people live up to their international obligations; but also a platform on which the Chinese army declares its understanding of peace, civilization and friendship. Together with the people of Liberia, we have the determination, confidence and ability to tide over the difficulties and defeat the epidemic”.