BIN Outlines Achievements…Pinpoints Challenges

BIN Outlines Achievements…Pinpoints Challenges

The Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) has said that as part of its responsibility to enforce the collection of all immigration-related fees from migrants in Liberia, it has collected over US$ 3m for the Government of Liberia between July to October 2014.

BIN Commissioner, Lemuel Reeves, said besides the over US$3m, the Bureau has also collected L$695,255.00. He said as though as tough as the economy is the BIN has also generated US$738,145.00 and L$164,020.00.

Commissioner Reeves who is also deputy Attorney General of Liberia said during the period when Ebola seriously hit the country, about 65 percent of the International migrant community left the country as a result of the deadly Ebola virus disease.

He said that led to a halt in most of the projects being undertaken by these international migrants in the area of Road construction, general construction, mining, business and other areas.

Commissioner Reeves who is also a Counselor at Law said those who left the country are gradually returning with more international migrants’ arrival taking place to help in the health sector especially from Europe and other parts of Africa.

The BIN Boss, speaking at the daily Ministry of Information Ebola News Conference yesterday said with all of these achievements, the BIN is faced with a number of challenges but expressed delight that the Bureau is grateful for the level of support the BIN is receiving from the government.

However, he outlined those challenges as inadequate infrastructures to house the BIN Central Office, the lack of accommodation for officers posted at Border points, inadequate logistics to patrol the 176 entry points to curb illegal entry and the lack of funding to implement the retirement proposal so as to bring in new and fresh officers.

Touching on the BIN’s post Ebola Plan, Cllr. Reeves said as the Ebola Crisis is gradually moving downward the BIN plans to concentrate on working with the police and UNMIL to help provide security for the pending Senatorial Elections.

Commissioner Reeves also spoke about plan to commence work on the BIN’s training academy so as to begin training and retraining of officers and work toward making amendments to the Aliens and Nationality Act and propose a new administrative and governance Act.

Commissioner Reeves said the BIN also plans to continue the process of establishing more recognized points of entry and close down most of the illegal points and work towards improvement in the general challenges being faced by the Bureau.

He said currently the BIN has increased its patrol at the various border posts as a way of enforcing the mandate of the Chief Executive to keep close surveillance at the entry points.

He told journalists further that during this period of the Ebola crisis, the BIN maintained excellent working relationship with other security apparatus including UNMIL to secure the peace and stability of the country and was able to collaborate with UNPOL and LIPA to conduct a Senior Management and Leadership training for all of its Regional deputies, County Commanders and deputies and other strategic details commanders.

We collaborated with the health sector and assigned officers at all operating health facilities in the country and also collaborated with UNMIL quick impact for the construction of four additional class rooms at the BIN’s training academy in Lofa.

“We recruited and vetted the entire administrative staff for the BIN academy in Foya, Lofa County to be developed and has ensured that the borders are safe and peaceful with no major incident,” he added.