Police Announces Routes For Election

By Garmonyou Wilson

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has announced that candidates and supporters during the 2014 Special Senatorial Election should not use the Executive Mansion and Capital Building route during campaigning.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, the LNP Spokesman, Sam Collins, said that the campaign which started last Thursday began on good footing however, no campaign should use the Capitol Building and the Executive Mansion routes.

Mr. Collins said that campaigners coming from Paynesville into Central Monrovia should use the Vamoma House Junction unto the Jallah Town Road or 12th Street unto Jallah Town. He continued that campaigners coming from across should use the Jallah Town Road via the old Health Ministry.

The Police Spokesman said that the routes are not intended to impede any political party or individuals from reaching out to potential voters but to ensure that the government continues its work while the Special Election ensues.

Spokesman Collins said that any candidate and/or supporter found in violation of the regulation would face court prosecution.

Meanwhile, the LNP has noticed that some unscrupulous individuals are preventing some candidates from going into various communities, which he described as an infringement on a candidate’s free movement.

He said that the LNP is fully prepared to ensure that all candidates are well protected as they campaign in any part of the country and emphasized the need for candidates and political parties to contact the LNP before having their campaigns.

Mr. Collins also used the occasion to call on campaigners as well as their supporters to adhere to the anti-Ebola preventive measures given by the National Elections Commission and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare during the Special Election.