NPP Starts Campaign With Ebola Awareness

By Lewis Verdier in Maryland

The National Patriotic party (NPP) recently started its special Senatorial Election campaign with Ebola awareness in Maryland.

The Ebola awareness which was carried out by the National Patriotic Party in collaboration with the Friends of Jimmy Anderson is intended to buttress government’s efforts to combat the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the country.

The NPP campaign which started with Ebola awareness took a unique trend as partisans were seen sitting and standing three feet away from each other.

As part of the Ministry of Health precautionary measures, participants had to wash their hands before entering the conference hall of the National Patriotic Party.

According to the NPP Chairman, T. Kla Williams, the three feet and hand-wash measures were from the NEC through MOH as health safety rules on Ebola in order to have an Ebola-free election.

At the NPP Jamboree, people were continuously reminded on the Ebola precautions and other healthy tips to help contain the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, other political parties’ representatives who were present at the awareness termed the initiative taken by the National Patriotic Party as a good start for the election.