US Army/IOM Train Several For ETU In Bassa

By Lawrence T. Hoff, from Grand Bassa
A five-day training for workers who are expected to work at the ETU has ended in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County.
The Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) was built by the US Army and the AFL to help combat the Ebola virus in the county and the training was conducted by the US Army in collaboration with International Organization for Migration (IOM).
The training was in two phases; the first phase of the training which ended over the weekend brought together over 50 persons who are expected to work at the ETU soon and those trained were in logistics management, logistic assistant, nurse, security, ambulance driver, among others. The second phase is expected to start next week with 50 more persons to be trained to work at the ETU.
Mr. Andrew Lind, the project coordinator for International Organization for Migration spoke to this paper at the end of the training program and said, his organization is taking full control of the ETU that was built in Bassa to help combat the virus and on the other hand see how the first phase training went on and how the second phase will go on for national staff that will be working at the ETU.
He however said, the training of the staff is to teach them how to use the PPEs properly; how to prevent the infection, and how to work in the ETU. They were shown some pictures so that they can understand more or less what the ETU is like because that’s where they are going to be working for months till Ebola is out of the country.
Mr. Lind added that, more training will be conducted in the ETU when work commences and said, “We need over hundred persons to work at the ETU and if we get more patients which we do not anticipate, then we will need more staff, hence we might likely train more staff if needed. One of our major concerns is the health of the health workers, as we all know that Ebola affects health workers the most, so they will be further trained at the ETU while on the job.”