Benjamin Sanvee Adopts Door-To-Door Campaign…Shuns “Crowd Politics”

The youngest candidate in the senatorial race for Montserrado County, Benjamin Sanvee and his team have embarked on ‘a door-to-door’ approach to its campaign, stating that they would not be involved in what they termed, “crowd politics.”
“Our campaign strategy is very simple; we are going from door-to-door or one–to-one with the view of reaching many households a day; we believe that this is the best approach,” Darius Dillion said.
Mr. Dillion said they are aware that some of the candidates are relying on fame, popularity and money, but expressed optimism that Mr. Sanvee, who is running on the ticket of the Liberty Party, would emerge victorious.
“This election cannot be and should not be on the issue of electing the lesser evil, but the best person for the job, ”Mr. Dillion told the INQUIRER yesterday in an interview.
The senatorial candidate campaign team manager said his candidate brings to the political rally a sense of “symbolism” in that should Sanvee win Mr. George Weah who has fame and popularity,  and Robert Sirleaf, who has money, this could definitely encourage young people to aspire to such office.
Mr. Dillion said his candidate would not be like voters who are making all kinds of promises. He added that while it is true that every campaign must have a message, his candidate would not resort to empty promises only to conciliate voters.
He said his candidates’ main focus is in the areas of education, knowing that the nation’s educational system has failed. “We will concentrate on a strong foundation for our children because this is the best way to prepare them for the future,” he intimated.
He said his candidate would not be talking about building more schools, but making use of available structures to concentrate on education, mainly vocational and technical, in a country that is involved in reconstruction.