Robert Invites George To Debate…Vows To Deal With Issues, Not Personality

Robert Invites George To Debate...Vows To Deal With Issues, Not Personality

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy
“I’m looking forward to sit across the table with Weah and debate the issues; this journey is not about popularity; it is about what you can do and what you have done,” these were the challenges put forth by Robert Sirleaf, one of the ten contestants of the Montserrado County Senatorial seat.

On the issue of being a gay, Mr. Sirleaf cleverly said there is no gay right law in the county therefore he will not support such law and said to the moderator of the Truth Breakfast Show on which he appeared yesterday that his interest was on discussing the issue and not someone’s private life.

He said it is more out of a curiosity that most things are said about him terming them untrue and based on the perception of people but clarified that he is a normal person who behaves like any other would do.

He admitted that the senatorial race is tough against him and noted that that should tell people something and added that he is an honest and common individual who has absolutely no intentions of becoming president of Liberia in the future terming that perception as ‘unwanted.’

However, as a candidate for the seat of Montserrado County, Mr. Sirleaf said people can believe what they want because what he does best is to work for the people of Liberia and said his achievement by participating on the talk show was to erase perception, face reality and provide clarity while his greatest challenge is commitment and execution.

“I criticize myself and say I have not done a good job of perception and of managing our humanity, because some people have not seen me and it is my fault. I do not go around bragging about what I do and that is my upbringing. I will talk not negatively but positively about dreams, aspirations because I always want to do things better than what I did before,” he expressed.

Mr. Sirleaf said in order to gather public opinion, one needs to go to Doe Community, Todee, West Point, New Kru Town, Neezoe, Gbabain’s Town and into other communities noting, that every contestant should be canvasing on what they have done to touch and change the lives of people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sirleaf who is contesting as an independent candidate has apologized to the public about is recent comments which according to him might have been misconstrued.