Indeed,We Must Remain Healthy And Alive!

PRIOR TO THE commencement of political campaign for the Special Senatorial Election, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf recently pointed out that measures will be instituted to safeguard all Liberians.
THE LIBERIAN LEADER, addressing the nation on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, said the National Elections Commission, and the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with agencies and partners, under the Public Health Law, will announce a number of guidelines and protocols to ensure that all Liberians are safe especially during this electoral process.
SHE PROMISED TO endorse all of the preventive measures and has directed that they be strictly adhered to, stressing that “these rules will not stop anyone from campaigning or interacting with people but are there to ensure that people are protected.” The Liberian President reiterated that it is her responsibility and duty to remind all Liberians including politicians, voters and election workers that stringent measures would be put in place, contained in the health laws that everyone must and will abide by.
“WHEN WE SAY no hugging, or shaking hands and rubbing shoulders, we mean it and we want people to take this seriously,” she warned, adding, “We want democracy, we want to elect people, but we want to do so keeping all of us healthy.  Making sure that we do not return to those difficult days must be our common priority number one.”
THE LIBERIAN LEADER noted that though the upcoming senatorial elections are important, they are being held under very difficult circumstances.  “We still have the deadly Ebola virus in our country and in the neighboring countries of Guinea and Sierra Leone,” she said, noting that this puts a new responsibility on all Liberians, to ensure that the political activities that will be carried out during the campaign and the voting do not lead to a resurgence of the epidemic.
SHE WARNED THAT people will be meeting at places in groups for campaigning and when the time comes to vote, Liberians will line up to vote which could lead to serious risks.
WE SUPPORT THE President that the Ebola virus disease is still in our midst and therefore, all necessary health measures must be put in place as we go on with the political campaign throughout the country. We know that people will be meeting at places during the campaign period but let us not forget about taking the necessary precautionary measures to enable us remain healthy and alive.
DESPITE THE PROGRESS being made against the virus, we must not be satisfied so soon and do those things that will cause the virus to intensify. We call on all Liberians especially those involved in campaign activities to continuously take the preventive measures as outlined by health authorities.
AS THE CAMPAIGN continues for the coming weeks, let the National Elections Commission (NEC) work along with health authorities in the country to institute measures that will safeguard all Liberians because in order to protect our democratic process, we have to be healthy, strong and remain alive; this can only be done when we abide with the preventive health measures outlined by the Ministry of Health, WHO and MSF.
THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF guidelines and protocols by the National Elections Commission, and the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with agencies and partners, under the Public Health Law intended to ensure that all Liberians be safe especially during this electoral process as a welcome one and we are adding our voices to that of the NEC and Health Ministry that all must abide by these health measures to enable us remain healthy, strong and alive.
WHILE WE SUPPORT the democratic process, we are also concerned about our health especially in the midst of the deadly Ebola virus. As we go about the electoral process, let us continue to obey the health measures to prevent the virus spreading amongst us. This is our plea.