Chief Zanzan Karwor On Ebola

“There will be more hunger right after Ebola is gone from Liberia completely and I will ask the Ministry of Internal Affairs to instruct all superintendents and district superintendents to make some 250 acres of land to be used for farming after Ebola is out of Liberia,” the Traditional Council of Liberia Chairman, Chief Zanzan Karwor asserted.
He, however, stressed the need for the growing of more food by the locals to help stop hunger in the country after we shall have won the fight against Ebola.
Chief Karwor has called  on all the chiefs, zoes, and elders  to join hands in the fight against Ebola something, he said is of great concern to all Liberians because without food in the country after the eradication of Ebola, things will take a different shape.
He said the Traditional Council has given the Government three months for the Ebola virus to be curtailed in the country, adding, “Just one month and half gone now, we can see the reduction of Ebola cases around the country.”
Meanwhile, the chief has called for the temporally closure of all Poro and Sande bushes in the country due to the Ebola outbreak some few months back. He said without culture the nation is nothing, but for now people have to do without their culture to help save lives during this Ebola crisis.
He is calling on traditional people to do what the Health Ministry is saying and stop bathing dead bodies, hugging, shaking hands, most of all with people who are tested positive of the virus. “We know, we just can’t do without our culture, but we have to now help save Liberia, ”Chief Karwor intimated. From Lawrence T. Hoff.