CDC Begins Campaign With Service…As Political Leader Welcomes Debate

By Antoinette Sendolo
The Congress for Democratic Change yesterday launched its senatorial campaign with an intercessory prayer service with both the Christian and Muslim communities aimed at inviting the presence and guidance of God during the election period.
The service which was held at the National Headquarters of the Congress for Democratic change was intended to seek God’s intervention as the campaign for the upcoming Senatorial Election officially opens.
Introducing the campaign’s intercessory prayer, District #6 Representative, Thomas Fallah, noted that the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is prepared to make the difference in the upcoming Senatorial Election and that’s why the party has decided to put God first in all of its activities.
He said the CDC cannot make it without the intervention of God who is the Master of everything noting that with God’s intervention, the Party can become victorious, come December 16, 2014.
Speaking during the service, Mr. Ansu Sonnie said the party is matured now and prepared to take state power adding that CDC is on the way to the Mountain top. “The time has changed so what happened before is now in the past and CDC has corrected its wrongs”.
He said as the campaign for the special Senatorial Election begins in the country, they are optimistic that the Congress for Democratic Change will win the pending election, mentioning that when the ballots are counted on December 16, 2014, they will not only be concerned about winning but winning with a convincing number.
Also speaking, CDC campaign Manager for the pending Senatorial Election, Professor Wilson Tarpeh, has urged all CDC partisans to remain peaceful during the campaign period and avoid all temptations from opposition partisans.
He said Cdcians are peaceful people and as such they should not be carried away by what people say or do, no matter how people provoke them.
For his part, Henry Fahnbulleh said he is confident that the CDC will win the Montserrado Senatorial seat and make a difference in the county. “People here know me to be from the belly of the ruling Unity Party but for some of us we move only when we see things happening that’s why we are here. We have realized that we do not belong on the other side; we belong right here because here we see people who look like us and share our dreams, “Mr. Fahnbulleh intimated.
He asserted that there will come a time when the sons of the soil will rely on the shoulders of Ambassador Weah reminding the CDC’s political leader George Weah that most Unity party partisans are not his enemies.
Mr. Fahnbulleh added that Mr. Weah has played a major role in the promotion of several politicians noting that now is the time for him to receive his flowers while he’s alive. ”Let me say to you my fellow Cdcians, you should be happy with what you have. Ambassador Weah is like a diamond stone so you need to be glad that you have him”.
He then pledged his support to the Congress for Democratic Change Senatorial Candidate, George Weah adding ”we will bring people as long as we are here”.
Meanwhile, Robert Sirleaf’s debate request has been welcomed by the Congress for Democratic Change political leader, George Weah, but described it as a scary tactics. “I listened to Robert Sirleaf requesting for a debate but why will he want to debate with me when there are several candidates in the race?” Weah wondered.
Ambassador Weah added, “If Robert Sirleaf says I have done nothing for the people of Liberia apart from playing football which he considers insignificant then let him show what he has done for this country. The only thing Mr. Sirleaf can talk about is the patching of football fields but the question is, why must he patch fields when playing football is insignificant to the society?”
The CDC political leader noted that Robert Sirleaf, the son of the President cannot do what his mother failed to do for the people of Liberia and even what she did so he is just wasting his time to challenge him in the pending Senatorial Election.
George Weah however called on all CDCians to be calm as they campaign noting that no matter what, success is sure and the CDC will make the difference if given the opportunity adding, “The Election is not about me but the welfare of our children.”
The CDC political leader also used the occasion to introduce his campaign team for the upcoming Senatorial Election.
Those named are: Wilson Tarpeh, Campaign Chairman; Edwin Snowe, Advisor; Musa Bility, Gabriel Nyenken, H. Boima Fahnbullah, Aidolf Lawrence, and Mamasie Kaba among others.