UP Descends On Robert Sirleaf

By Antoinette Sendolo

The ruling Unity Party has descended on Mr. Robert Sirleaf saying the Party has no intention of supporting him in the upcoming senatorial election noting that while it is true that he has become rich overnight, he lacks the moral credentials and credibility to earn the party’s trust.In a statement read by the Party’s Secretary, the son of the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party and President of Liberia, Robert Sirleaf, has been described as ”an emerging monster determined to impose his abominable will on the society”.

The Party in the statement read by its Secretary General, Wilmot Paye said, “We have come too far to return to the dark days of the past. Our people have grown too sophisticated to be lured again into another den of greedy men.”

He went on: “It is obligatory on our part to highlight the threat that Robert Sirleaf’s unregulated conduct poses to our nation. His senatorial bid is only a shadow of bigger things to come. Robert Sirleaf wants to be the next President of Liberia, a situation that could provoke another crisis.”

The Party has called on all cadres, local leaders, members, supporters and friends of the Unity Party not to tolerate Robert Sirleaf’s unprovoked actions against the Party.

”Although not so privileged, as he is, to reap from where he did not sow, we will expose his grand design. We will treat him as an enemy.

He was no friend of the Unity Party, is no friend even now, and will not be in decades to come, ”the statement stated.

According to the Party, Mr. Robert Sirleaf was never a humanitarian before this era and therefore he deserves not the least of courtesies from any local chapter of the Unity Party.

“Enough is enough! Either we stop this Sirleaf now, or he will plunge Liberia right back into its almost forgotten dark past,” adding, “This madness has to end.”

Meanwhile the Party has called the attention of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to an act; it says contravenes the elections law. The Party said Mr. Sirleaf’s meeting with the youths was held in the UNDP-renovated office block of the National Commission on small Arms which is a public building at a time when appointed public officials that are candidates have all resigned their posts and surrendered vehicles entrusted them.

” It is despicable that this Sirleaf, also a candidate, would use a public building for his political activities. Adding, could this be an attempt to undermine the credibility of the electoral process?”

The Party however called on the National Elections commission to swiftly address this situation, noting, “There must be no sacred cow.”