NEC, UP Not Aware of Ali Sylla’s Withdrawal

The National Elections Commission (NEDC) says it is not aware of the withdrawal of UP’s Montserrado County senatorial candidate, Ali Sylla, as had been reported in the media.

The Director of Communications at NEC, Joel Kennedy, made the clarification on Friday at the YMCA during a one-day workshop to review the code of conduct for media coverage for the pending senatorial election.

He said there are procedures which should be followed if an aspirant decides to withdraw from the race. This, he pointed out was not met by Mr. Sylla and as such, his name is still on the ballot as one of those contesting in the country, come December 16.

In a related development, Unity Party which presented Mr. Sylla as one of its senatorial candidates has said it is not aware of his withdrawal.

In a statement read by its Secretary General, Wilmot Paye, the Party’s news about Mr. Sylla’s withdrawal came as a surprise to it. He said,” What is more disturbing for us is that we had no knowledge about Sylla’s departure from the country.

It would have been reasonable had he given us a telephone call or simply sent us an SMS text message to inform us. Yet, this did not happen at all. We wonder why.”

The secretary general said the party heard about Mr. Sylla’s departure only last week about the same time that the news first broke out, stating, “This raises questions that only he can answer.”

He then wondered as to whether his health condition had deteriorated to such a terminal point that there was no time to inform the Unity Party.

“The leadership of the Unity Party received this news with utter disbelief. All we can however say here is to urge our members, enthusiasts, sympathizers and friends of the Unity Party not to be deceived by the lies that UP was written on this important subject. We had no idea that this was coming and that this had happened, “the secretary general pointed out.