Challenging Two Of The New Appointees

FOLLOWING MONTHS OF public outcry, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf yesterday announced the removal of two of her most favored Ministers from her government.

PRESIDENT SIRLEAF IN a nationwide address on Sunday removed Dr. Walter Gwenigale as Minister of Health & Social Welfare and Public Works Minister, Antoinette Weeks who many allegedly considered as her most favored.

AT THE MINISTRY of Public Works, President Sirleaf appointed Mr. William Gyude Moore as Minister of Public Works replacing Madam Antoinette Weeks, while Mr. Roland Giddings has been appointed Deputy Minister for Administration.

THE LIBERIAN LEADER also appointed Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell, President of the Tubman University in Maryland County as Minister of Education, Dr. Nancy Freeman, Deputy Minister for Administration, Mr. Anthony Nimely; Deputy Minister for Planning, Research and Development. President Sirleaf also nominated Mr. George Werner as Minister of Health replacing the controversial Minister, Dr. Walter Gwenigale as the new Health Minister.

WE WELCOME THE new appointments made by the captain of the ship, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for those coming onboard to take the ship to its final destination. At the same time, we are taking note of them especially two of the new appointees as they have been appointed to strategic positions where they will be judged by their performances.

WE ARE MOSTLY concerned about the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Education who have herculean tasks to perform considering the many challenges at the two Ministries where their predecessors could not make any significant impact.

LIBERIANS ARE AWARE of the many challenges facing the educational sector of our country and the deplorable road conditions around the country especially in Monrovia and its environs where most of the roads are impassable due to the failure of those who were entrusted to steer the affairs of those ministries.

EQUALLY SO, WE are fully aware of the state of our educational sector and indeed cognizant of the downward trend in the various programs. As a result of the failure of the head of that ministry, we witnessed the mass failure of students in the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), and the shameful mass failure of all the candidates who sat the University of Liberia’s entrance and placement examination.

THOUGH MANY WERE appointed by the President but we take note of the two appointees because we are expecting a complete overhaul of the two institutions and anyone appointed in those positions must be prepared to perform. As the President rightly said, the team that is coming onboard especially at the Education and Public Works Ministries must require a team that is adaptable, responsive, disciplined, loyal, and focused; a team that is undoubtedly conversant with the prevailing challenges, and are resolved to respond by taking appropriate risks to get things done expeditiously.

THAT IS WHY we are challenging the two nominees to prove themselves worthy of the positions by working with their deputies in executing their respective duties entrusted with them by the President.