U-Foundation Outlines Ebola Success Story

By Timothy T. Seaklon

U-Foundation, a Liberian owned non-governmental, not-for-profit organization has registered a major success story in the fight against the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

Accordingly as of October 31, 2014, U-Foundation’s home care service has catered to 140 Communities, 423 homes and 4,352 Individuals by providing food supplement such as selenium, vitamins and other drugs that assist in strengthening the fight against the deadly Ebola virus disease.

According to U- Foundation’s Founder, Mrs. Mai Urey 283 homes and 2,761 individuals have completed the 21 day quarantine process with only three deaths, all of whom were in an advanced stage of the disease when they entered the U-Foundation’s program.

She said when people are quarantined by her organization, the World Food programme (WFP) do provide food to help while they take their treatment.

Mrs. Urey, in an interview with the INQUIRER last Tuesday said her organization’s success story stands from the fact that they use supplements and all of the vitamins and minerals distributed are over-the-counter supplements.

When Ebola became prevalent in Liberia, U-Foundation refocused its resources from core programs to join other organizations in the fight against the deadly disease.

Mrs. Urey said U-Foundation has been in the forefront of various Ebola-related activities aimed at reducing the spread of the virus and its aim is to reduce the number of cases and improve the fatality rate.

“Home Care Service has proven to be the most effective approach; the Foundation has developed thus far and its latest project is providing special home care services to homes with confirmed or suspected Ebola patients,” Mrs. Urey stated.

“U-Foundation’s social workers reach out to community leaders to identify such homes and once identified, volunteer medical students fill out prescriptions and nurses, hired through the Nurses Association of Liberia, deliver them to patients and offer psychosocial counseling to the patients, their families and neighbors,” Mrs. Urey disclosed.

She said U-Foundation uses supplements and medication such as Paracetamol 500 mg, Selenium 100 mcg, Selenium 50 mcg, Vitamin C 1000 mg, Multi Vitamins 300 mg, Anti-diarrhea 2 mg, and Vitamin B-Complex 100mg to strengthen and build human immune system.

Touching on the roles and responsibilities of the staff of the U-Foundation, Mrs. Urey said it differs and noted that there is a Project Coordinator who runs the operations throughout the country and provides leadership to all those in the project.

She further disclosed that the project coordinator’s job includes overseeing the project, the activities of social workers, medical students, and nurses, and facilitating meetings and reporting from branches to the head office.

She also informed the INQUIRER that medical students are responsible for analyzing bio and medical data collected from patients under the U-Foundation home care service.

Mrs. Urey said based on these analyses, supplements, treatments, and diets are recommended by them in consultation with partnering doctors and these medical students are also responsible for setting up medical files for each individual under the program.

Expanding further Mrs. Urey said, “All of our nurses are registered with the Liberian Nurses Association and are primarily responsible to handle medication, provide patient care, awareness, and collaborate with social workers in identifying locations of probable, suspected and confirmed Ebola cases.”

Mrs. Urey pointed out that the U-Foundation’s social workers work very closely with the leadership of grass-root organizations and communities in locating homes and individuals affected with Ebola. “They are responsible to collect and document cases in an orderly manner in line with U-Foundation’s approved format. The social workers report to the project coordinator, who will in turn instruct the nurses based on information provided,” she added.

On funding, Mrs. Urey said the foundation gets its funding from friends most of whom are Liberians. “This is a Liberian initiative and this Ebola is being undertaken by Liberians,” she said.

Mrs. Urey said based on the project’s guiding principles, all data accumulated during the lifespan of the project remains the property of U-Foundation which can be reached at www.u-foundationliberia.com or www.facebook.com /UfoundationLiberia.