Two Booked For DV Scam

By Edwin G. Wandah

Two persons have been arrested by Police and taken to the Monrovia City Court for DV Scan and have admitted to duping Siaka Sherriff and sister of over USD11, 000.00.   Defendants Abu Kromah 35, and Markel Sam 30, of Perry Street and Capitol Bye-pass respectively duped Siaka Sherriff and his sister of more than USD11,000.00 under false pretense that they had Diversity Visa spaces for sale, but later failed to produce the spaces.

Police charged sheet in the possession of this paper quotes complainant Siaka Sherriff as saying the two men duped him in May of this year, approximately 009hrs, where both men, Abu Kromah and Markel Sam met him on Gurley Street and told him that they had DV spaces for sale.

According to the victim, he took them to his sister in Clara Town and an initial USD1, 800.00 was paid to them out of USD2, 500.00 that the two men charged. He further disclosed that as time progressed, the two suspects, Abu Kromah and Markel Sam came and made several financial collections, sometimes, collecting as much as USD1, 500.00, until it amounted to USD11, 190.00 in total.

Another police preliminary investigation indicated that the two suspects, Abu Kromah and Markel Sam extorted USD9, 235.00 as part of the deal to sell spaces to victim Siaka and sister. Meanwhile the two suspects have consented to the scan.