Nimba Community Radios Lift Sanction On PYJ

Nimba County Senior Senator, Prince Y. Johnson has apologized to the Nimba Community Radio Association (NICORA) for the unfortunate incident that took place on the premises of Radio Voice of Gompa on May 20, 2014.

In a statement issued by NICORA yesterday disclosed that Senator Johnson apologized on tape after sincere exchanges of views at a meeting held at the senator’s house. NICORA maintained that the apology was just one of the conditions to be met before the sanction is lifted on the Nimba County lawmaker.

On November 4, 2014, Senator Johnson provided to the leadership of NICORA one Sony digital recorder, Sony digital camera and a double SIM mobile phone as replacement for items that Franklin Doloquee allegedly lost during the voice of Gompa saga.

“In resolving a conflict situation there must always be a spirit of give and take. While we didn’t get hundred percent of our demands addressed, we are quite satisfied with what we walked away with,” the group stated.

NICORA said the issue of prosecuting those involved with the saga is far beyond their reach and the failure of the Ministry of Justice to have the perpetrators prosecuted even though under pressure the perpetrators were indicted, only proves the selectiveness of the justice system and vulnerability of the masses against the classes.

“NICORA, having achieved the desired outcome of the sanction as a result of Senator Johnson’s full compliance with their demands, we are left with no option but to declare the sanction lifted,” the group averred.

They have assured the office of Senator Johnson that they have buried the hatchets and bygones are bygones. They would love to see a more cordial working relationship between the Senator’s office and NICORA.