Mysterious Death In Police Cell…Police Cites Suicide; But Family Disagrees

Mysterious Death In Police Cell...Police Cites Suicide; But Family Disagrees

By Jefferson D. Tweh

What has been described as a mysterious death has occurred in a police cell in the Borough of Kru Town on Bushrod Island.   Police is claiming that the victim identified as Papa Walker allegedly hanged himself Tuesday night at Zone One Depot sub police station, but the family disagreed with the police’s claim and crying foul.

The relative of the late Papa Walker, Madam Tetee Walker, told this paper that Papa Walker’s lover only identified as Precious gave birth and the late Papa relatives did everything for her but at certain times Precious said the child was for an AFL man, not Papa Walker.

Madam Walker said because Precious said that the child was not for Papa, whenever she went to Papa for child support, Papa refused to give such support because he was told that the child was not his.

Madam Walker said Papa always told Precious that he didn’t have anything to do with child support because she told him that the child was not his but for an AFL soldier, so she must be by herself.

However Madam Walker alleged that anytime Papa Walker got girl friends, Precious would go in the yard and misbehave on ground that Papa was having affairs with another girl.

She explained that Monday night Precious went in Papa’s yard and started misbehaving saying, “Papa come out because you have another girl friend” but Papa told her to go home and leave his yard.

Madam Walker narrated that Precious insisted that she was not going home and started fighting Papa and after the fight, she entered Papa’s room and took away his money. Precious told Papa that the thing he was looking for he will get it, Madam Walker said.

Madam Walker explained that on Tuesday at 2: 00 P.M. Precious went to Zone One, Depot One Police Station in the Borough of New Kru Town and told the police officers that Papa was not supporting his child and she wanted the police to help her get the child’s support from Papa.

Madam Walker further said after an hour, officers went to Papa’s house and arrested him and then took him to the police station where he was placed behind bar by those officers who apprehended him.

“While sitting in front of my house, my brother brought news to me saying that Papa has Walker died in jail and as soon as we reached arrived at the police station to find out about my brother’s death, police officers started beating us as if we did something to them,” Madam Walker said in a sad mood.

Madam Walker told the INQUIRER that the police officers prevented the relatives from entering the cell but officers told them that Papa Walker hanged himself in the cell.

She said relatives have insisted that they wanted to see their son (Papa’s) dead body but those police officers were threatening them that if they force their way and enter the police station, they would receive more beating because nobody was allowed in the building.

According to Madam Walker, the relatives went to the police station Monday morning to see the dead body but some police officers told them that the body was deposited in a funeral home but they refused to name the funeral home where the body was taken.

She added that police officers told them to go to the Police Central headquarters in Monrovia and acquire more information.

Madam Walker said she was surprised to hear that Papa Walker hanged himself in the cell because Papa Walker spent a year and six months in South Beach without hanging himself, something she described as being untrue that Papa did not hang himself in the cell.

She argued that Papa’s death was caused by somebody not by hanging himself because police can not give clear report leading to Papa’s death.

She said people told her that Red Cross took away the body of Papa Tuesday night while the relatives were going to the police station to view the body but to date the relatives have not seen the body.

However Madam Walker alleged that some police officers said Papa Walker is at the hospital and did not die while others said he died.0

Meanwhile Madam Walker is calling on Government of Liberia, Civil Society Organizations, Human Rights Groups, politicians, marketers, the Media, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and International Partners to launch an investigation into the death of Papa Walker.

When this paper contacted Zone One, Depot One Commander, Mr.Varney Gray, via mobile there was no response. Investigation continues.